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Impact Reporting Officer


  1. Lead the organization’s planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning and reporting organizational wide and departmental targets on a multi-annual and quarterly basis.
  2. Advise and support campaign planning and execution.
  3. Prepare and present monitoring and evaluation reports, including data visualization and analysis, to inform partners, the board, and staff.
  4. Facilitate knowledge sharing and learning by documenting and disseminating best practices, lessons learned, and success stories.
  5. Collect, organize, and analyze quantitative and qualitative data to assess program performance, outcomes, and impact.
  6. Advise, design, and strengthen performance management and workflow tools and applications that can be used on staff and volunteers’
  7. Train and build independent capacities among key staff, and volunteers to capture significant actions, intended and unintended results, and learning from the organization’s activities and impact.
  8. Generate accurate and vivid high-quality reports for a diversity of constituencies including but not limited to members, the board, funding partners, and the general public.
  9. Monitor engagement and feedback from these constituencies to improve accountability.


  1. Amnesty Kenya demonstrates value for money and generates new human rights organizing from our own activities and those of partners and circles of learning
  2. Campaigns are properly structured, result-based and can quantify their impact.
  3. Evidence-based and data-driven analysis increases in our decision and external communication.
  4. Staff embrace and adopt MERL as a lifestyle and see the benefits of documenting and learning from their actions.
  5. High-quality annual and quarterly reports punctually submitted to the membership, Board, International Secretariat, funding partners, and the public.
  6. Integrated systems operate effectively even in the absence of the officer.



  1. A degree in social sciences, management, law or another appropriate discipline
  2. At least 3 years’ experience of monitoring, evaluation, and learning
  3. Excellent writing and visualization reporting skills with an eye to detail, accuracy, and inspiring others
  4. Familiarity with M&E frameworks, tools, and methodologies, such as logical/results-based frameworks, theory of change, impact evaluation, and participatory approaches.
  5. Strong quantitative and qualitative data processing and analysis skills including adapting/developing participatory monitoring tools, surveys and systems for teams and
  6. Demonstrated experience of collating and analyzing monitoring and evaluation data from multiple sources to prepare succinct reports for the needs of diverse audiences.


  • Knowledge of project management principles and the ability to work effectively within a team and meet deadlines.
  • Proven experience in monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning in the context of advocacy campaigns or projects.
  • Demonstrated experience of monitoring child safeguarding, discrimination, value  for money and or anti-fraud approaches
  • An analytical thinker who can press us harder towards outcome planning, consistent monitoring and results harvesting.

Freedoms and Citizenship Campaign Manager


  1. To design, manage and evaluate strategic campaign outcomes, theory of change and actions taken to deliver Amnesty International Kenya’s overall commitment to expanding freedoms of expression, association, assembly and active citizenship
  2. To provide thought-leadership on freedoms and citizenship rights, initiate research ideas, inform mass and new media opportunities and spaces
  3. To lead movement-building programs that can attract considerable number of supporters and members, alliances, and funding for human rights work in Kenya
  4. Manage the Freedoms and Citizenship team by ensuring overall team effectiveness, actively managing performance, team welfare, recruitment and onboarding, learning and development and liaising with the admin team on administrative issues relating to the respective staff.
  5. Manage the Freedoms and Citizenship budget while ensuring cost effectiveness and alignment to project activities

A change-maker with a passion and understanding of human rights, you will ensure all Amnesty campaigns and actions are underpinned by our theory of change by;

  • Representing Amnesty and actively promoting the values and obligations contained in the constitution and international human rights standards and covenants;
  • Leading in and participating in proactive and rapid response campaigns and actions
  • Managing Amnesty resources towards significant impact with an eye for value for money, integrity and humility.
  • Recruit, coach and significantly expand relationships with staff, volunteers and members that leaves them enlivened, active and empowered to act on human rights issues;
  • Shape Amnesty’s research and public positioning in policy dialogues, public events, social and mass media engagement;
  • Identify, nurture and expand collaboration with a core group of like-minded projects, institutions, duty-bearers, persons at risks, communities and human rights alliances, partners and other civic organisations;
  • Support and drive online and off-line training and other empowerment tools, spaces and methodologies that supports the emergence of active, empowered and ethical circles of conscience nationally
  • Engage and support other Amnesty initiatives nationally, regionally and globally in order to build comparative understanding and synergies across the Amnesty movement.


  • At least a first degree in law, criminal justice, human rights or another appropriate discipline and an Advocate of the High Court.
  • At least 10 years relevant experience in coordinating human rights programmes, campaigns and or legal case flow management.
  • At least 5 years relevant experience in managing staff, budgets or other change management;
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze injustice and rights violations and to develop short and long-term outcome-based strategies that achieve human rights impact and change;
  • Demonstrated experience of influencing civic organisations, social movements leaders and mid-level government officials, policy makers and law enforcement officials.
  • Demonstrated fundraising, budget and strategy management competency as well as an ability to review/adapt them to fast changing political situations, exercising and promoting creative thinking;
  • A confident public communicator with good analytical, presentation and editorial digital skills;
  • Team leadership, outstanding social and intercultural skills and proven ability to multi-task and work to deadlines, sometimes under pressure and in challenging situations.


  • Experience of coordinating protection for witnesses and survivors of human rights violations especially in responding to exclusion, discrimination, stigma and conflict
  • Demonstrated experience of fundraising and budget-management upwards of Kshs ten million or more
  • Evidence of coordinating research and documentation for policy influence.
  • Experience of independently designing and delivering impactful and fully integrated campaigns through the complete campaign lifecycle (issue identification, strategy development, campaign delivery, monitoring, campaign exit and impact assessment)
  • Experience of leading several teams simultaneously and contributing to setting priorities, motivating oneself and others, and resolving team conflicts.
  • Demonstrated extensive and professional use of social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn among others).
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