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Social Behavioural Change Manager(Kenya)

  • The SBC Manager is directly responsible for the management and overall success of our SBC strategy, including the integration of gender-responsive and transformative programming. This includes creating country specific country SBCC strategies that are aligned to the global Theory of change. This role will work alongside the Global Director, SBC, Gender and Youth Participation, to implement existing work, design new programmes and unlock potential funding opportunities to enhance gender equality in Kenya.

What You’ll Do

  • Develop comprehensive social behavior change strategies based on a deep understanding of the target audience, cultural context, and relevant social issues. For example outcomes mapping, behavioural tactics and key messaging.
  • Develop and implement detailed SBCC implementation plans, and ensure high quality and timeline delivery of deliverables against intended objectives, targets, and timelines.
  • Embed gender considerations into all aspects of Kenya activities, ensuring that gender is mainstreamed across policies, programmes, and practices.
  • Develop and integrate gender-sensitive, responsive, and where possible, transformative messaging into project activities.
  • Coordinate with the M&E team to put in place effective monitoring and evaluation approaches to measure the effectiveness of Kenya’s SBC programming. For example, measurement frameworks and indicators, research tools and pre-testing activities.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align strategies in Kenya with Girl Effect organisational goals and objectives.
  • Write success stories and reports on SBCC approaches or interventions and identify channels of dissemination.
  • As required, support funding proposals/concept notes and donor reporting.
  • As required, facilitate SBC and gender training for staff, partners and young people.

Who You Are

  • Solid understanding of how gendered norms and intersectionality affect young women in Kenya, and the role SBCC programmes can play in creating change.
  • Strong background in applying behavioural science and SBCC theory to practice coupled with at least in research projects, advocacy campaigns and/or behavioural change programmes.
  • Degree in a relevant field such as psychology, communication, international development, anthropology, sociology, social psychology, behavioral economics or similar field.
  • Experience working with digital media is highly desirable, or, at the very least, familiarity with digital trends and emerging evidence.
  • 4+ years experience delivering sexual health/family planning and or/ economic empowerment programs for adolescent girls and young women in Kenya.
  • Excellent knowledge of gender transformative approaches and their application to programme design, implementation and/or measurement.
  • Strong technical writing skills, including the ability to communicate clearly and exceptional attention to detail.
  • Experience working with young people or community members in the design and delivery of programmes is also desirable.

Creative Lead(Kenya)

  • As the Creative Lead, you will lead the creative team in delivering on the brand, content, and product requirements for the launch of the above-mentioned program in Kenya. This includes but is not limited to working with the design agency to come up with the branding for the product(s) as well as for the brand campaign, being responsible for the strategy, content planning, and delivery of all creatives and content for the campaign, working with the team to define processes and come up with the content flows within the product(s), collaborating with and contracting influencers and other media partners as needed for the campaign, etc.
  • You’ll need to ensure the team uses the right processes and principles to produce great results. In this context, you will need to be able to move, sometimes rapidly, from detailed, hands-on interrogations of scripts or product features to high-level discussions on the strategic direction of our work. You will be a mediator and translator: translating complex human behaviours into blueprints for viable products and ideas, ensuring the proper channels, formats, and creative concepts are used.

What you’ll do

As the Creative Lead for Kenya, you will be responsible for putting together the team that will deliver the product mix under the brand. You’ll need to make sure the Create function in Kenya is using the right people, processes and principles to produce great results. In this context, the role will need to be able to move, sometimes rapidly, from detailed, hands-on interrogations of scripts or product features to high-level discussions on the strategic direction of our work. The Creative and Content lead is a mediator and translator: translating complex human behaviors into blueprints for achievable products and ideas, ensuring the right channels, formats and creative concepts are used. You responsibilities on a day to day basis may include:

  • Figuring out the right production models and bringing together the right creative team individuals and/or agencies), onboarding them and working with them to deliver the product mix, on budget and in time.
  • Working with the team to ensure that engaging, strategically relevant content is regularly being developed and delivered across all the decided touchpoints – mass and social media, communities, offline integrations, and chatbot etc – weekly, monthly, and annual content calendar design and delivery
  • Building on and evolving innovative ways in which to create and deliver content and product experiences that will deliver on the goals of the Kenya brand and country strategy
  • Overseeing the Brand, Content and Product Creation Process for Kenya – working with technical experts and creators both in-house and out-sourced to build the brand, create scripts, casting ideas, frameworks, and treatment designs.
  • Owning the annual budget for creative delivery in Kenya – supporting the Head of Create in Collaboration with the Programs team function in initial budget creation, forecasts, and changes
  • Leading the Procurement and/or tender process for external content creators and producers
  • Actively problem-solving and fire-fighting on production timelines, conflicting priorities, and external factors – ensuring Girl Effect processes are followed and streamlined
  • Working closely with our Kenya Safeguarding team to ensure Safeguarding measures and youth participation efforts are integrated into the production process and/or the product campaign
  • Working closely with the Marketing (Audience Acquisition) team to ensure we meaningfully reach and grow our audiences
  • Working closely with the Tech team to ensure that product milestones are achieved and delivered, and that product development is in line with program aims and timelines.
  • Ensuring timeline management of the entire production process is done in a way that all stakeholders are sighted, and that pressure on delivery is minimized
  • Understanding the learnings and data presented by the Impact team, and working with the Programme team and technical experts to improve Chhaa Jaa’s creative products and content basis this – being a key part of the MERL (monitoring, evaluation and learning) process

Who you are

  • Minimum 5-7 years of experience in Creative Strategy/Direction and/or Video Production
  • Digital content production is essential to have.
  • 3+ years of experience directly managing members of creative teams, helping them bring concepts to life, refining and evolving them
  • Strong interest and knowledge about content and trends across digital, movies, TV, series, short and long-form content
  • An excellent portfolio that demonstrates deep integrated thinking and strong brand-building capabilities, with an emphasis on video content
  • Ability to interact meaningfully with people of diverse backgrounds, personalities, and expertise (e.g., subject matter expert in Kenya and creative executive in Mumbai and legal department in London), backed by data when possible
  • Strong working relationships within the Kenya creative community
  • Should be excited by technology and exploring content through products like chatbots, communities, blogs, etc.
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects efficiently in a fast-paced environment while delivering outstanding results

Applications closing date will be Friday, 29th December 2023.


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