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Key Responsibilities

  • Timely matching of all supplier invoices; checking documentation for completeness, accuracy, approvals as per policy, matching and input of supplier invoices
  • Reconcile supplier ledger balances to supplier statements and close the reconciling items within the period
  • Maintain an updated invoice register to track movement of all the invoices received in the institute until paid and filed
  • Manage and reconcile the VAT account; ensuring timely follow-up of VAT exemption certificates & dispatch to suppliers
  • Analyse outstanding supplier commitments and print withheld invoices report for review by the Finance Manager
  • Prepare and circulate a monthly report of all supplier payments made.
  • Review supplier master accounts: at the minimum, bi-annually and recommend de-activation of accounts that have been inactive for the last 6 months.
  • Ensure prepayments are reconciled and cleared on time
  • Prepare monthly receivables and payables aging schedules and reconciliations for all accounts and make relevant recommendations.
  • Carry out monthly allocation of accounts and ensure relevant adjustment journals are passed.
  • Invoice recharge costs to related partner institutions monthly and ensure the invoices are sent out in time for settlement.
  • Manage receivables from related partner institutions, update all receipts and follow up for payment of outstanding debts when they fall due as credit terms.
  • Prepare and share monthly statements for related partner institutions after allocation.
  • Maintain staff and consultants accounts that reflect correct position with respect to staff and consultants’ transactions and make relevant adjustments
  • Process staff travel advances, Travel Expenditure Report (TER’s) & project/workshop expenditure reports
  • Ensure proper filling of all documentation relating to this function both in physical and soft copy forms
  • Provide additional support on demand to the clients of the unit
  • Train the alternate position all aspects of this job to ensure continuity
  • Help other unit members to learn and excel in their work
  • Perform any other related duties as may be required


  • Bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting or its equivalent.
  • Full accounting qualifications- CPA (K) or ACCA.
  • At least five years’ experience in finance with progressive experience of processing large volumes of supplier invoices and performing of supplier accounts reconciliations in a well-run organization.

Research Officer I – Bioinformatics

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform computational analyses of complex genomics and other ‘-omics’ datasets (sequence alignments, FASTA, SAM/BAM and VCF files, phylogenetic trees, etc), provide synthetic and graphical representations of the results, and interpret the same
  • Drive post-sequencing analyses (whole-genome reconstruction at chromosome or telomere-to-telomere level) based on long reads obtained from ILRI’s Oxford Nanopore Technologies platform.
  • Help scientists design and run their experiments on the same platform
  • Make the most effective use of the computational resources on ILRI’s High Performance Cluster; participate actively in the development of in-house scripts and pipelines to be hosted on BecA’s GitHub account and other ad-hoc storage space. Use and develop Nextflow/Airflow pipelines whenever necessary
  • Participate in the designing, planning and delivering capacity building activities such as short training workshops, seminars, bioinformatics Communities of Practice, etc
  • Provide informed advice to the Head of Data & Research Methods on questions pertaining to the maintenance and development of the bioinformatics platform (on both hardware and software aspects)
  • Contribute to the resource mobilisation efforts, be they in human resource (e.g. recruiting external trainers for workshops) or financial resource (e.g. writing grant proposals)
  • Support student supervision and academic capacity-building activities, especially in the frameworks of the One CGIAR Initiatives
  • Perform any other related duties as may be required


  • Masters degree in computer science, data science, bioinformatics, computational biology, biotechnology, biostatistics or a relevant field.
  • Three years relevant experience with at least some analysis work performed based on 454, Ion Proton, Illumina, Oxford Nanopore or PacBio sequencing data.
  • Excellent working knowledge of GNU/Linux systems such as Debian/Ubuntu or CentOS
  • Ability to read and write programs fluently in at least two of the following languages: Python, Bash, R, Perl
  • Experience with distributed computing environments with load schedulers such as SLURM, SGE or Torque
  • Experience with modern version-control platforms for collaborative coding such as GitHub
  • A good understanding of the principles of molecular biology
  • A good understanding of the principles of molecular evolution and the ability to perform phylogenetics/phylogeographics reconstruction
  • An excellent attention to detail that needs to be put constantly in use, especially regarding programming
  • Familiarity with bioiformatics tools for genome assembly and variant calling
  • Familiarity with the Oxford Nanopore technology platform will be an added advantage
  • Familiarity with at least one workflow management system like Nextflow, SnakeMake or Airflow
  • Knowledge of at least one GUI-based boinformatics suite such as CLC Genomics Workbench, UGENE, Mega, etc.


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