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Network Administrator

Job Description

This position is responsible for providing IT service and support to Penda Health employees. The role monitors and maintains the IT infrastructure of Penda Health ensuring it’s efficient and secure. We are looking for a Network Administrator to maintain a reliable, secure and efficient IT network infrastructure within the best IT practices.

Role Highlights:

  • Penda is Kenya’s leading player in healthcare IT – be part of the healthcare IT revolution at a fast-growing company.
  • Opportunity to be part of a team that will build the best-run IT network in Healthcare as we grow from our current size to 100 profitable medical centers.
  • Work in a senior role with lots of autonomy to address network challenges and continually improve our infrastructure while improving user experience and efficiencies.
  • Opportunity to work with awesome IT Superstars including an IT Manager who will mentor you and support your growth.
  • Penda has got unique culture! You will Love it! Come experience it!


  • Making Penda a Great place to work for all! By ensuring Smooth running of Network & Computer systems and ensuring reliable network run within best practices.
  • Be a great Teammate: Take feedback well, be open and honest about problems you are facing, take on conflict with your colleagues in a healthy way, and work hard to improve the system for your colleagues!
  • Lead a team of smart IT professionals towards achieving Penda’s vision: Your team is happy and delivering in current roles and growing into future roles.
  • A Superstar in Project Management: Prepare Project plans and business cases while providing value as a team member in cross functional implementations.
  • Setup a world class IT Infrastructure to support Penda’s growth:
    • Monitor the performance of the IT infrastructure, ensuring that there is link utilization visibility, traffic shaping and future capacity planning.
    • Manage IT infrastructure security.
    • Maintain and implement effective IT infrastructure policies, standards, procedures and guidelines.
    • Research and recommend changes to the IT infrastructure architecture.
  • IT Procurement and Vendor Management Pro: In collaboration with procurement team, secure network products and services while ensuring close monitoring of SLAs, quality of IT services and equipment without compromising IT Standards.


  • At least 4 years network admin experience, of which at least 1 year successfully managing others
  • Ability to Communicate, listen and analyze customer needs
  • Excellent organizational, time management, written and verbal communication skills.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, IT or equivalent experience in workforce
  • ITIL, CCNA, CEH certification will be an added advantage.
  • Experience/certification on Microsoft Azure and other cloud platforms
  • Great team player with drive for results


  • Starting base salary is dependent on experience and qualifications
  • Additional training and mentorship opportunities are available
  • Full medical cover for inpatient and outpatient for your whole family.
  • High potential for career growth as Penda grows
  • Stock option-based compensation is available
  • Great benefits package – including hiking days and fruit at the office!


  • This role will be challenging and important. There is a lot to do, so be prepared to work long hours.

Procurement Manager

Job Description

To support this growth, we would like to bring on board a bright, energetic and innovative Procurement superstar to build and manage our Procurement function at Penda.

Role Highlights:

  • Build an effective, efficient and transparent Procurement machine for our more than KES 150M annual Spend.
  • Negotiate and close deals and contracts that reduce our costs and drive profitability in a sustainable way.
  • Manage 300%+ growth in Procurement spend over the next two years.

Role Description:

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As the Procurement Manager at Penda, you will report to the Head of Supply Chain and be a member of the Supply Chain leadership team. You will be responsible for all Procurement within Penda, managing a lean, agile, effective and responsive network that meets all our Procurement needs. Because of your excellent work, Penda will become the partner of choice for both current and potential vendors.


  • Lead your team of Procurement professionals towards achieving Penda’s vision. Your team is happy and delivering in their current roles and growing into future roles.
  • Set up a world class Procurement organization with structures, systems and processes that support Penda’s growth. You will manage all our Procurement made up of a diverse range of products and services including drugs, medical supplies, building materials, IT equipment and services, uniforms, general supplies, stationary and so much more.
  • Develop and implement effective Procurement controls. Penda does not suffer any financial or reputational loss as a result of our Procurement process. All our Procurement is above board – no compromise on this.
  • Track Procurement spend. We know what we are spending per category and how the spend is tracking against budget.
  • Consistently meet service, accuracy, productivity, and cost targets. We are offering great service, effectively and efficiently.
  • Improve the use of technology and propose new systems that help us expand to hundreds of branches across Africa.
  • The branches are your customer. Process is important, but the branches’ ability to deliver the best care supersedes everything (except for not losing face or money)
  • You are a key contributor to designing and implementing the ideal Procurement network that best serves Penda at any point in time. In addition, you will come up with lots of other innovative ways to increase scalability and reduce cost
  • We’re a startup – get ready for anything!

Who will be successful in this role?

  • Your integrity is unshakable, and you create an environment where openness and integrity are constants
  • You are super good at negotiating and consistently closing great deals for Penda.
  • You are a great partner and team player, providing support to the Medical Centers and all other teams within Penda.
  • You are excellent at implementing systems and processes and great at making tactical and strategic decisions using data and logic.
  • You manage change extremely well. You enjoy working with other departments to make changes work for everyone
  • You are great at prioritization.
  • You leverage technology in everything you do and appreciate the way it makes processes more efficient and scalable
  • People who work for you grow and develop
  • You are excellent at feedback and healthy conflict. At Penda, we love giving and receiving feedback because we believe it helps us grow
  • You are not comfortable with the status quo – your default setting is continuous improvement.


  • At least 3 years relevant working experience, of which at least 1 year successfully managing others
  • Experience managing Procurement for a multi-unit company
  • Super good at negotiating and have a track record of closing great deals
  • Strong analytical skills & excel skills
  • Knowledge of COGs, working capital and basic accounting and how Procurement impacts them
  • University degree from a reputable institution or the equivalent experience in the workforce
  • Willingness to work extremely hard to accomplish goals (this starts with going through the hiring process, it’s going to be competitive so bring your best self)
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical background is a plus
  • Experience managing Procurement with complex mix of products and suppliers is a plus


  • Base Salary depends on qualifications and experience.
  • Full medical cover for inpatient and outpatient for your whole family.
  • High potential for career growth as Penda grows
  • Stock option based compensation is available
  • Great benefits package – including hiking days and fruit at the office!

Application process:

  • Apply online on the career section of at our website
  • Candidates will be evaluated on a rolling basis (first to apply is first to be evaluated).


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