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Senior Flight Operations Engineer (Navigation and Infrastructure)

Brief Description        

  • To ensure provision of accurate and timely aeronautical information data and maintain liaison with Kenya Civil Aviation Authority to ensure AOC and Operations Specifications are acquired and/or amended.

Detailed Description        

  • Liaise with Kenya Civil Aviation to ensure AOC is renewed and Operations Specifications are acquired and kept current in accordance with Kenya Civil aviation regulations.
  • Ensure navigation and communication related information is current in the Flight Planning System to support day to day operations.
  • Ensure routine monitoring of aeronautical information to ensure provision of accurate information for the safe operation of all flights e.g., NOTAMS, AIP amendments, AIP supplements and AICs.
  • In liaison with the Standardization Committee, update and/or recommend revision of Operations Manual Part A to ensure conformity with regulations and/or IOSA Standards.
  • Liaise with KCAA to facilitate the approval of revised Operations Manual Part A.
  • Monitor evolving technologies for presentation and distribution of navigation data to flight crew and flight dispatchers.
  • Ensure that expert technical consultation and support is provided to other departments as required for business and operations development in matters involving aircraft navigation performance.
  • Liaise with original equipment manufacturers and other operationally relevant external entities to develop capacity to enhance safe, economical, and expeditious flight operations.  
  • Acts as a designated Kenya Airways navigation representative.
  • Conduct On-Job-Training (OJT) for Flight Operations Engineers.
  • Investigate root cause and advice on root cause correction of safety, security and quality critical activities affecting flight operations engineering Navigation and infrastructure section so as to ensure conformity with all regulatory requirements and organization standards.
  • Implement corrective and preventative actions identified by Quality, Safety and Environment; investigations or other internal reporting mechanisms are undertaken within the agreed time frame.  
  • Ensure provision of flight risk analysis for all routes and aerodromes.
  • Ensure Aircraft Library is kept Up to date
  • Ensure implementation of safety, security, and emergency standards at all times.
  • Provide and monitor navigation and landing budget
  • Assist coordinate projects within FLOE
  • Ensure and maintain a healthy, safe, and secure working environment in compliance with the relevant industry, regulatory and legislative requirements, company procedures, regulatory authorities, and requirements of customer airlines.

Job Requirements        

  • Bachelor’s degree in the following Engineering courses – Mechanical, Electrical, Communications, Computer with at least 2 years’ experience in Flight Operations


  • Bachelor’s degree Mathematics or Physics with at least 2 years’ experience in Flight Operations


  • CPL/ATC/Flight Dispatch with at least 3 years relevant experience.
  • Aircraft Performance Specific Certificate, Aircraft Performance Software Certificate and Diploma in IT are desirable.

Duty Manager – Operations Control

Brief Description        

  • To implement and control efficiently, economically the published Network Plan and daily fleet movement throughout the network structure in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Detailed Description        

  • Monitor, implement and control effectively the developed network plan in order to maintain schedules integrity.
  • Monitor and control the daily fleet operations to meet fleet utilization and schedules requirements.
  • Ensure accuracy of information in Sabre in order for the business intelligence (BI) system to capture the correct data that will enable management to make sound and well-informed business decisions.
  • Report and initiate action on reported aircraft incidents/accidents in conformity with Emergency Procedures Manual in order to manage information flow and business continuity with least disruptions.
  • Assign operating aircraft in Movement Control considering engineering maintenance plan, crew qualifications and booked payload on day-to-day basis and checking and ensuring accuracy of electronic mayfly generated thereafter to ensure that the reservations and Sabre systems are in conformity with daily plan.
  • Playing a central coordination role to ensure network OTP (on time performance) of 70% or higher is achieved and sustained by rallying all teams in OCC in order to present a seamless service to the customers.
  • Controlling and coordinating the daily fleet operations of the Airline over total route network, International, Regional and Domestic.
  • Co-ordination of commercial, operational, engineering and maintenance aspects of all operations and taking corrective action immediately it is apparent that planned operations have been or are likely to be, disrupted to minimize the overall effects of such disruptions, including delaying, originating, consolidating, or canceling services at any time this action is justified.
  • Making final operational decisions which must necessarily be based on the best compromise solution, taking accountability of all pertinent factors.
  • Arriving at and in support of his decisions, he will always, maintain a close liaison with:
    •  Revenue Management
    •  Director of Operations /Chief Pilot
    •  Manager Flight Operations Engineering
    •  Crew tracker or Crew Planners
    •  Duty Managers (Load and Cargo Control)
    •  Safety office.
    •  Outstations’ managers.
    •  Duty manager flight dispatch.
  • Acting as “The Captain’s Crewmen on the ground” in keeping flight watch by radio communication (HF/VHF), teleprinter communications (AFTN/SITA etc), ACARS or telephones.
  • To chair Daily Performance Meetings (DPM) whose collaborative resolutions and actions are aimed at giving superb world class service.
  • Ensuring Flight Planning has been done in accordance with the Company Operations Manual.
  • In liaison with Duty Manager Flight Dispatch actioning Class One NOTAMs and all route intelligence information received after office hours.
  • Completing the following reports:
    • Duty Shift Report Form
    • Operations Log
    • Flight Handling Reports
    • Hand-Over Report
  • Accomplish routine monitoring of safety, security and quality control activities to ensure ongoing conformity with all regulatory requirements, organization standards and local procedures.
  • Ensure corrective and preventative actions identified by quality& safety audits; investigations or other internal reporting mechanisms are undertaken within the agreed time frame.
  • Responsible for conducting On-Job-Training (OJT) and Proficiency Checks for Flight Operations Officers (Operations Control Officers.)
  • Conveys, by available means, safety-related information to the PIC that may be necessary for the safe conduct of the flight, including related to any necessary amendments to the flight plan.
  • Ensure and maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment in compliance with the relevant industry, regulatory and legislative requirements, company procedures, regulatory authorities and requirements of customer airlines.

Job Requirements        
Knowledge, Skills, Experience

  • University Graduate in sciences or business fields OR Higher Diploma in Airline operations, Dispatch or ATC license holder.
  • Over five years working experience in a busy airline Operations Control/Flight Dispatch.
  • Must have worked in a busy Flight Dispatch as a Flight Operations Officer for at least 5 years.
  • Understanding of Schedules and fleet operations.

Additional Details        

  • Computer literate.
  • Ability to respond quickly to changes.
  • Team player.
  • Stress tolerant.
  • High level of analytical skills

Manager, Domestic Stations

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Brief Description        

  • Ensure and maintain a healthy, Safe, Secure and Cost-effective operation for Kenya Airways and customer airlines operations, in compliance with the relevant industry regulatory and legislative requirements, company procedures, and regulatory authorities in domestic stations.
  • Overall accountable for planning, directing and controlling all ground handling aspects of Kenya Airways in Domestic stations. Ensure punctuality and customer service are delivered to Customer airlines as per approved contracts and Service Level agreement and in accordance with the customer airlines’ policies and procedures.

Detailed Description        

Principal Accountabilities (KEY Performance areas):

Accountability (Responsibility) Policies and Procedures: 

  • Ensure compliance to all relevant safety, security, quality and environmental management policies, procedures and controls across the Domestic stations operations to guarantee employee safety, corporate security, legislative compliance, delivery of quality service with a responsible environmental attitude so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner. 
  • Liaise with customer airlines, relevant authorities and ensure conformity with all regulatory requirements, organization standards and local procedures Safety, Quality & Environment:
  • Promote a positive safety culture, healthy, secure and cost-effective operation for Kenya Airways in the assigned stations within the Domestic region to ensure a healthy and safe work environment. 
  • Oversee the implementation of the Operational Risk Management framework in all Domestic Stations and ensure quarterly submission of the Risk Control Matrix (RCM) is achieved. 
  • Perform risk assessment, maintain and contribute to the Domestic stations risk registers. 
  • Identify and report hazards, near misses, incidents and accidents. Day-to-Day Operations: 
  • Ensure the continuous implementation of the station management system within Mombasa, Kisumu and all other domestic stations as defined. 
  • Ensure communication and adherence of all industry standards to all station staff and all other service providers.
  • Contribute to the definition and development of Kenya Airways Ground services domestic product. 
  • Plan, implement and consistently deliver high quality service in conformity with regulatory requirement, company policies and customer airlines procedures. •
  • Ensure cost effective delivery of services within agreed scope and standards. 
  • Provide an efficient and effective domestic organization to deliver agreed scope and standard of service. 
  • Ensure staff levels and shift patterns are optimized. 
  • Routinely monitor safety and quality critical activities within passenger and ramp operations. 
  • Participate in the deliberations of the AOC (Airline Operators Committee) and representation of customer airlines by delegation and as per their instruction. 
  • Follow-up on all non-compliance reported from the evaluation process are closed within the time frame provided. 
  • Manage and support the development, implementation and maintenance of the Local Emergency Accident Procedures plan. 
  • Ensure the company corporate strategy is developed and implemented at station level. 
  • Ensure the existence of the station facilities, workspace, equipment, supporting services, as well as work environment, necessary to satisfy operational safety and security requirements. 
  • Lead and oversee the implementation of KQ WAY best practices in the domestic stations.

Job Requirements        

  • Knowledge and Experience Qualification (Minimum) 
  • University Degree or relevant professional qualification. Additional Qualifications 
  • Safety Management System (SMS) Awareness
  •  Airside Safety -Initial
  • Aviation Security -Initial
  • Dangerous Good Regulations CAT 10
  • Station/Ground Handling Management (IATA) or equivalent
  • Management Skills Training
  • Finance Management/Cost Control Training
  • Operational Risk Management Years of Experience (Minimum)
  • At least 5 years of experience in Ground operations with at least 2years in managerial level.

Additional Details        
Other Skills 

  • Customer service experience in hospitality/airline industry.
  • Financial awareness.
  • Process oriented. 
  • Experienced planning and managing extensive human and material resources Behavioral competencies 
  • Leadership. 
  • Time Management
  •  Good communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Innovative 
  • Proactive 
  • Results orientated 
  • Analytical Skills 
  • Service focused. 
  • Decision-Making Skills

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