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Senior Manager Credit Monitoring and Analytics – Faulu MFB

Job Description

  • Working closely with the Head of Credit, the Senior Credit Monitoring and Analytics Manager is responsible for overseeing the credit monitoring and analytics section within the credit department. The job holder will undertake all credit reporting including alignment of all credit reports to the internal governance structures, regulator (CBK) and Group reporting requirements as well as coordinate all internal and external credit audits. He/ She will also be responsible for credit models and data analytics to inform decision making.

Key Measurable Goals                   

  • Detailed credit portfolio monitoring through system checks and scenario analysis (including portfolio stress tests)
  • Develop effective credit risk monitoring models for identification of early warning signs
  • Product system set-up assurance as per the bank’s products fact sheet
  • Preparation of Credit management reports and Group reports
  • Ensure portfolio data cleanup to align to data expectations.
  • Take lead in credit projects and evaluation.
  • Ensure all credit models are updated regularly.
  • Undertake credit analytics to enable the bank make data driven credit decisions.

Key Responsibilities

  •  Develop and implement credit monitoring strategies and systems to track the credit performance, monitor credit metrics, trends, and key indicators to identify potential risks and opportunities.
  • Analyze credit data and portfolio performance to assess credit quality, identify credit risk concentrations, and evaluate credit risk exposure.
  • Conduct in-depth analysis to understand the drivers of credit performance and identify emerging risks.
  • Prepare regular and ad-hoc credit risk reports, including key credit risk metrics, trends, and portfolio analysis and provide insights and recommendations to senior management based on the analysis of credit data and portfolio performance.
  • Collaborate with credit risk analysis teams to develop and enhance credit policies and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory reporting requirements and internal credit risk report standards.
  • Oversee data collection, data quality assurance, and data governance processes related to credit risk.
  •  Collaborate with IT teams to ensure the availability and integrity of credit data and systems.
  • To undertake scenario & Sensitivity Analysis to assess impact of undesirable macro-economic and other industry effects on credit portfolio and advise management.
  • To ensure product set up in the core banking system is as per the approved fact sheet.
  • To coordinate all internal and external credit audit exercises
  • Monitor, on a continuous basis, all transactions to ensure that unusual and suspicious transactions are reported to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)
  • Implementing and enforcing the board approved AML, KYC & CFT policy in as far as is applicable within my area of responsibility.
  • Do any other duties that may be assigned by the Management from time to time.


  • Business degree 

Knowledge and Skills

  • 5 years’ experience in Credit Monitoring and Reporting at a Supervisory level
  • Working Knowledge of core banking Systems
  • Understanding of Credit modeling and credit risk management


  • 5years

Personal Attributes

  • Capacity and willingness to work for long hours and within strict deadlines
  • Data analysis skills
  • High degree of confidentiality
  • Knowledgeable on the Financial services sector
  • Assertive
  • Fast in decision making
  • Honest
  • Highly organized
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Proactive
  • Passionate & result oriented
  • Excellent communicator
  • Good team player

Physical demands

  • Physically fit and versatile and able to work on a computer for long hours.

Area Manager – Mount Kenya (Faulu MFB)

Job Description

  • The purpose is to interpret Business Growth strategy into implementable short term action plans, communicate it to the branch network in your Area and ensure translation into deliverable productivity as measured by the Balance Scorecard, includes delivery of PBT targets, loans and deposits growth, PAR management, C/I ratio management, customer acquisition for the Area.


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Key Responsibility:

  • Offering tax leadership on all tax matters in the combined group in Kenya and subsidiary notably Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda .
  • scanning on Long term, short term, Banking, Asset management and investment  businesses
  • Direct all tax compliance matters including coordination, preparation, and review of all monthly, quarterly and annual returns for the group to ensure that at all time the group is compliant
  • Advise on the tax effect on introduction or changes in business structure, mergers and acquisition and group transactions and react accordingly with tax planning recommendations.
  • Advise on tax efficient ways on business contracts, new product within the group
  • Develop and maintain transfer pricing documentation for the group, liaising with the revenue authority and head of transfer pricing for Old Mutual PLC to ensure the document is adequate, relevant and mitigates transfer pricing risks
  • Develop, document and present and maintain  group cost sharing model that shares the group cost appropriately and is located in the best tax optimal entity
  • Working closely with Chief Finance Officer (CFO) on key tax items considerations in acquisitions/ mergers to ensure all the tax items and risk are appropriately considered and mitigated
  • Conduct and manage  group tax health check in all territories to minimize any tax exposure and put mitigation action in place
  • Advise the senior management and the board on changes in tax legislations, new development such as double taxation treaties, case laws that will affect old mutual group
  • Developing relationship with Key stakeholders such as tax revenue authorities, Capital market authorities etc with the aim managing any issues within the group
  • Research the tax implication for the group expansion in to new territories
  • Good tax compliance status in the group including the subsidiaries
  • Overseeing the development and review of the monthly and annual tax provision of the group, maintaining all tax accounts including financial statement footnotes and analysis for both internal and external stakeholders
  • Resolution of revenue authority tax audit issues for any entity in the group
  • Working closely with Old Mutual Africa Head of tax on monthly, quarterly, and annual group tax reporting requirements
  • Successful implementation of group share model and transfer pricing documentation within the group


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