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Personal Banking Manager

Job Functions

  • Accountable for risk management and adherence to all governance standards for the continued sustainability of the segment in country.
  • Accountable for successful delivery of segment client experiences, segment client growth and segment financials.
  • Accountable for target state (emotional journey/ experience) the client would experience in taking up the proposition as part solving the client need or opportunity.
  • Accountable for the achievement of the segment financial and non-financial metrics (e.g. client attrition, profit growth and return on investment, etc.) in line with CHNW Clients, country requirements and in close collaboration with country, other segment heads and Client Solutions.
  • Conduct client sensing in order to improve understanding of client needs.
  • Deliver SBG and 3rd party products and services to the Main Market client segment through a client centric platform.
  • Demonstrate leader-led direction and behaviours to enable successful transformation of the main market segment into the new business model.
  • Develop appropriate recovery and resolution plans to protect the Main Market segment from any untoward event.
  • Develop client risk appetite based on the defined framework which is signed off by CHNW, country in conjunction with Risk.
  • Drive and entrench a consistent client experience through all engagement platforms.
  • Drive multi-product client experiences to address life events, distributed through client engagement platforms.
  • Ensure alignment to the People and Culture standards with regards to all employee-related matters.
  • Ensure satisfactory audits and ensures that there are no repeat unsatisfactory findings as gauged by operational losses.
  • Ensure that remedial actions are defined and implemented in collaboration with country, other segment heads and Client Solutions.
  • Ensure the analysis and interpretation of customer data in terms of the problems to be solved and uses the data to shape propositions and solutions.
  • Follow the parameters of the key trade off decisions at client level (i.e. risk appetite, pricing etc.).
  • Identify current and potential employee skill requirements in consultation with the People and Culture function.
  • Implement and monitor risk management across the segment (e.g., operational risk, credit risk, ecosystems risk and partner risk management).
  • Implement the client value proposition in country with approved customisations.
  • Inspire the team to deliver on the Group’s shared purpose and instilling a culture which enables the Group to evolve into a client led platform organisation.
  • Lead and execute the Main Market segment value proposition, related toolbox(es) and client journeys in country and customises accordingly.
  • Leverage client analytics and data to inform changes in the value proposition, priorities and building of client relationships.
  • Maintain alignment with other segment heads in order to ensure client value proposition delivery and reduction of duplication across segments.
  • Partner with Client Solutions, digital and eCommerce and 3rd Party partners and ecosystems for the delivery of integrated multi-products and services for the client.
  • Provide input into talent strategy developed by People and Culture.
  • Provide input into the overall segment value proposition and related toolbox(es).
  • Set the example and lead the team in line with the Group’s leadership identity, core values and People Promise.
  • Set the example in line with the Group’s leadership identity, core values and People Promise.
  • Stay abreast of market and competitive developments in order to provide input to innovative and value-added services to gain market share.
  • Track and report on adoption of the strategy and provides feedback to various domains and capabilities (including at client level).


Minimum Qualifications

  • A Bachelors’ Degree in Business/Commerce.

Experience Required

  • 10 years Experience in developing, designing and enabling segment value propositions. Strong understanding of digital, open banking and platform integrations.

Manager Ecosystems


  • Act as the custodian for optimal ecosystem service delivery within the catchment and facilitates the administration and analysis of the client service surveys, as well as the implementation of focused action plans needed to address the gaps identified in ecosystems across various segments.
  • Analyze problems and seeks solutions through council with business stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to ensure that the province is compliant to all applicable regulatory requirements
  • Conduct regular discussions with Credit to ensure process efficiency and quick turnaround for ecosystems clients.
  • Co-ordinate sales calls for identified ecosystem opportunities in the CIB / Commercial Banking and CHNW space to generate sales leads for the wider network.
  • Define, articulate, track and report on success measures for the Business Clients ecosystem strategy and presents at relevant management forums.
  • Develop an ecosystem operational plan in alignment with CVPs in various segments (i.e. Business Clients, CHNW and CIB) for execution through the Business Client segment.
  • Develop and implement sales and marketing best practices in support of the customer value proposition and customer expectations.
  • Drive and manage the relevant ecosystems forums and provides input into portfolio reports on excess management, revenue and net profit growth relevant to ecosystems on a monthly basis.
  • Drive ecosystems sales targets by tracking, measuring and managing performance.
  • Facilitate a working partnership between Credit, the business units and Branches to stimulate business growth without compromising risk and the quality of lending.
  • Give direction to the provincial teams regarding financial budgets and forecasts in line with strategic objectives, business and operational risk, socio-political and economic market forces.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the Business Clients segment to ensure that suitable tactics are implemented to address concerns and maximise strengths through ecosystems.
  • Lead the execution of Business Clients strategy plans with regards to ecosystems (in partnership with the segment heads) and drives the operationalisation and implementation of ecosystems.
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders to analyse, identify and address performance challenges and service gaps.
  • Manage opportunities by ensuring that adequate joint ventures, synergies and relationships are built with CIB, Wealth, Segment heads to create efficiencies in Business Clients.
  • Manage the operational risk for ecosystems within the regulatory and compliance framework of the Bank.
  • Monitor and manage (in collaboration with key business partners) SLAs (service level agreements), standards and turnaround times for ecosystems in line with customer value proposition and retention requirements.
  • Perform a proactive champion role within the catchment, with relevant stakeholders, to ensure that the customer experience levels are maintained (e.g. facilitating resolution of ecosystem queries and /challenges).
  • Provide adequate support for the successful acquisition of generated sales leads to deepen the ecosystem score for CIB and Commercial Banking clients and the Wealth Group.
  • Research and analyse the local market to understand key business drivers, influencers and competitor activity in order to use as input into ecosystem operational plans.
  • Support the Business Clients team to resolve escalated customer complaints as it relates to ecosystems.
  • Track the achievement of sector financial targets through ecosystems and reports on indicators such as, revenue, ROEs and shares a monthly report with the segment heads.
  • Use MIS to identify and make recommendations related to ecosystem operational plans.
  • Work with the MI team to develop measures specific to tracking ecosystems activities and penetration and conducts research in order to provide inputs and insights into ecosystem strategy and execution plans.
  • Work with the MI team to develop, implement and manage measurement systems to ensure an efficient and accurate MIS structure that enables insights for developing ecosystem strategies and plans.


  • Bachelor’s degree Business/Commerce or Finance and Accounting
  • 5-7 years Experience in general banking and relationship management experience. Experience within Business Clients, Value Chain or Transaction Banking within the commercial business

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