Terms of Reference (TOR) for Resource Mobilization at Nyanza Investment and Development Conference

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Terms of Reference (TOR) for Resource Mobilization
Nyanza Investment and Development Conference (NIDC

    Nyanza Investment and Development Conference is being organized by the Nyanza Professionals’ Forum, under their CSR entity, the Great Lakes Foundation. The Forum is made up of professionals, business leaders and scholars from the Nyanza region based in Kenya and the Diaspora. The purpose of this conference is to address development challenges in the Nyanza Region and propose actionable solutions through strategic sectoral investments. The conference aims to bring together various stakeholders, including government entities, development partners, business leaders, scholars, researchers, local communities, diaspora members, international organizations, and supporters of the Nyanza Region. The conference will be held at Ciala Resort Hotel in Kisumu between 26 th – 27 th March, 2024.

The NIDC seeks to unlock growth and development through targeted investment opportunities.
Its main objectives are to:

  1. Provide investors with information on the Nyanza Region’s development needs, status, gaps, and potential to support their investment decisions.
  2. Market off-plan investment opportunities, viable investment concepts and investment ready, profiled and branded projects in the Blue Economy and other economic sectors.
  3. Expand the existing economic value chains in the region through new capital flows and other investments across sectors and sub-subsectors through investment vehicles such as, partnerships, mergers, joint ventures and global subcontracting, and partnership exchange platforms (SPX).
  4. Attract strategic investment enabler support from the Government of Kenya (GoK), Development Partners (DPs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Special Interest Economic Groups (SIEGs), and Multi-Nationals in Shared Value Investing.

In order to deliver a professional and successful conference, the organizer has established nine committees involved in the initial planning and coordination of key activities necessary to host an international conference.

The Committees

  1. Coordinating Committee composed of the conference chairman, chairs & vice chairs of planning committees and a few advisors. This is the final decision-making body.
  2. The Secretariat – handles administrative issues and communication internally and
    Externally with stakeholders.
  3. Resource Mobilization and Budget
  4. Speakers, Content & Programs
  5. Logistics & Hospitality
  6. Marketing & Communication
  7. Policy, Legislation & Regulatory Affairs
  8. Diaspora Coordination
  9. Conference Evaluation & Outcomes
    The Conference seeks to engage a resource mobilization person/firm to secure funding and support for the successful organization and execution of the Nyanza Investment and Development Conference (NIDC). The resource mobilization efforts should target both financial contributions and in-kind support.
    Working closely with the resource mobilization and budgeting committee and the conference chair, the resource mobilization person/firm will undertake the following tasks:

a. Develop a Resource Mobilization Strategy

  1. Analyze the conference’s goals, target audience, and value proposition.
  2. Identify potential sources of funding, including governmental, private sector, philanthropic, and international organizations.
  3. Formulate a comprehensive resource mobilization strategy outlining specific approaches for engaging potential donors and sponsors

b. Prospect and Engagement

  1. Identify and research potential sponsors, partners, and donors aligned with the conference’s objectives.
  2. Develop tailored communication materials (proposals, presentations, etc.) to engage potential sponsors.
  3. Initiate and maintain communications with potential sponsors, addressing inquiries and providing relevant information.

c. Negotiation and Agreement

  1. Collaborate with interested parties to negotiate sponsorship packages, considering financial contributions and in-kind support.
  2. Ensure that agreements align with the conference’s objectives and provide mutual benefits to both parties.

d. Fundraising Campaign

  1. Plan and execute fundraising campaigns, utilizing various channels such as online platforms, social media, networking events, etc.
  2. Monitor the progress of fundraising efforts and adjust strategies as needed to meet targets.

e. Reporting and Documentation

  1. Maintain records of all communication, agreements, and transactions related to fundraising.
  2. Provide regular progress reports to the Nyanza Professionals’ Forum and the Great Lakes Foundation
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f. Post-Conference Acknowledgment

  1. Facilitate the acknowledgment of sponsors and donors post-conference through appropriate channels.
  2. Ensure that sponsors receive the recognition they are entitled to base on their support level.

The selected resource mobilization person/firm is expected to deliver the following
A comprehensive Resource Mobilization Strategy outlining approaches, target sectors, and potential donors.
A list of engaged sponsors and donors, along with details of their commitments.
Regular progress reports on fundraising efforts, including updates on secured funding and ongoing negotiations.
Post-conference acknowledgment reports detailing the recognition provided to sponsors and donors.

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    The resource mobilization efforts are expected to be carried out over a period of 5 months starting in October 2023 leading up to the Nyanza Investment and Development Conference.
    The resource mobilization person/firm should possess.
    Proven experience in fundraising and resource mobilization in related events.
    Strong networking and communication skills.
    Understanding of development initiatives, conferences, and partnerships.
    The resource mobilization person/firm will report to the Chair of the Resource Mobilization Committee and the Chair of the Nyanza Investment and Development Conference.
    Interested individuals or firms should submit their proposal, including relevant experience, quantity of the resources s/he has garnered previously, approach to the task, and proposed compensation structure, to admin@nid-c.org by 14th October 2023.
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