WV Kenya Director Resource Acquisition & Management at World Vision Kenya

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Key Responsibilities:

Leadership and Strategic Management

  • Provide leadership and management to the Resource Acquisition and Management (RAM) unit staff by ensuring clear goals and accountabilities are established and achieved.​
  • Direct the elaboration, roll out and implementation of a coordinated, multi-level engagement strategy to advance WVK’s programmatic priorities and enhance its organizational profile; 
  • Direct the elaboration, roll out and implementation of an integrated, organizational wide, resource acquisition and management system for all funding streams and lead engagement efforts with prioritized, high profile donors;
  • Establish and roll out protocols for coordinating communication between ministry units and support offices, key international and national donors and other stakeholders; 

Grow WVK’s Resource Acquisition and Management portfolio

  • Lead WVK’s growth and diversification of funding efforts based on the NO strategy and annual grant acquisition targets.
  • Provide leadership and management support in proposal writing, forming consortia and follow up with donors to ensure complete and smooth transition to management the program
  • Develop locally acquired resources through Public Private Partnerships and all other means
  • Lead the WVK brand repositioning efforts for resource development  in conjunction with Communications  Department
  • Develop and Implement effective PPP, PR and Marketing  strategies
  • Ensure that the successful implementation of the resource acquisition management system that enhances WVK programmatic impact in accordance with established strategic priorities while increasing donor satisfaction and retention; 
  • Ensure that the resource acquisition management system effectively standardizes processes for identifying and establishing priority sectors and opportunities, assessing risk considerations and making go / no go decisions, managing project design and proposal elaboration, managing project inventory, project start up, project implementation and evaluation and project close out;
  • Monitor the RAM unit’s performance including conducting assessments on what is leading to poor win rates or grant implementation and work to address them.

Engagement, Networking & Collaboration with Internal & external stakeholders ​

  • Ensure successful implementation of a coordinated engagement strategy that  identifies and prioritizes key external stakeholders;  creates clear points of engagement locally, regionally, nationally and internationally;  defines roles and responsibilities within WVK;  creates essential core competencies and provides the support and assistance to foster continuous, effective engagement;
  • Effectively represent WVK in strategic donor meetings with foundations, bilateral and multilateral institutions; Be the face of WVK to donors – participate in meetings
  • Actively network and initiate linkage – strategic meetings for between donors representatives and National Director/designee and participate in Partner negotiations
  • Research, analyze, develop, track relationships with new and current donors; prepare capacity statements for to be utilized in prepositioning meeting with donors ; monitor the donor competitive landscape as part of early alerts to organize prepositioning meetings for possible funding forecasts  in collaboration with the EAR Resource Development Director.
  • Organise pre-positioning meetings with priority/new donors and partners and develop capacity statements to be utilized during prepositioning meetings with donors.

Strengthening grant compliance within the organization

  • In close collaboration with Oerations and Program Effectivenss departments, ensure effective launching of new grants and a smooth transition process from grant acquisition to implementation as well as successful close out of large scale grants.
  • Build staff and partners capacity for grants compliance (financial, contractual, programmatic and reporting) to increase program quality, credibility and marketability of WVK programmes
  • Strengthen grant funding monitoring and evaluation systems in order to generate and demonstrate evidence based impact of WVK programming
  • Ensure that business processes, standards and policies – developed in coordination with other WVK entities– are effective and consistent.
  • Design systematic performance indicators to inform management as to progress, roadblocks, and other relevant performance details.
  • Track, monitor and ensure successful grant and contract management and fulfillment in accordance with donor requirements to increase refunding rates.
  • Review Grants before they are submitted
  • Organize quarterly review meetings with donors (nonfundraising focused)

Staff capacity building

  • Provide leadership to team members and help develop them through mentoring and rigorous performance management
  • Develop strategies to attract and maintain staff numbers aligned to Grant portfolio.
  • Identify staff capacity gaps in grants acquisition and management and other factors leading to poor proposal designs, poor win rates and grants implementation and work with Associate Director, Regional Resource Development Unit and SOs to develop plans to address them.


  • Carry out any other responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor or designee

Knowledge/Skills and Experience Requirement

  • Minimum Master’s Degree in a relevant field from a recognized University.
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in designing, planning, implementation  and reporting on integrated development, relief and/or advocacy & peace building  projects; 5  of which must be in managerial position and 5 in donor relations and fundraising.
  • Must be a results orientated leader who can handle heavy work load as well as manage multiple organizational, donor and other stakeholder demands.
  • Must have ample experience and expertise in public relations and donor engagements.
  • Must be a strategic thinker and a strong team player.
  • Crisis management skills will be an added advantage

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