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People Operations Officer – Tatu City Office

Key Responsibilities

Strategy and Planning

  • Proactively contribute to the development of People Operations policies, strategy and objectives, operating frameworks, and templates.
  • Participate in and contribute to assigned function(s) annual and quarterly planning and review cadences.  Provide guidance, interpretation and contextualize Twiga’s HR policy to the functions supported in the areas of work and organization design, workforce planning, talent acquisition, deployment, leave management, learning and growth, succession planning, reward, cost of employment and separation.
  • Provide end-to-end generalist HR advisory and facilitation across a range of people issues to the assigned functions.  Design and co-deliver high impact, forward-looking solutions that meet the needs of the functions supported.

Organization and Change

  • Interpret the functions operating model into a people operations perspective.  Domesticate and customize people management processes, routines, and tools, to support the assigned functions achieve their strategy and objectives. Co-create the workforce plan and compliant working shifts that support the functions operations
  • Facilitate mapping of the functions processes as a basis to determine and document jobs.  Participate in the job grading exercise to determine the level of work. Create an organization structure that reflects the outcome of the process and aligns with the principles of organization design.
  • Monitor triggers for change, both internal and external, and work with line managers to identify the need for change and create a change workstream, as appropriate, to capitalize on the opportunities and mitigate the risks presented by the change.
  • Drive the transition, communication and change management process in line with the approved change program.  Monitor the transition, assess and report on the change metrics until the transition becomes business as usual.

Talent Acquisition and Deployment

  • Customize and drive the talent acquisition process to ensure that the function supported has adequate and competent staff to deliver business objectives.
  • Develop and continuously update the workforce / staffing forecasting with respective line managers and create a recruitment timetable which runs three months ahead of the headcount plan to allow adequate time for the recruitment of high performing, competent staff in line with business needs.
  • Establish and maintain an internal and external talent pipeline which will allow the business to reduce time and effort spent on the identification, sourcing, recruitment, and onboarding processes.
  • Work with line managers to assess employee fit during the probation period and contribute to the end-of-probation recommendation.  Execute the recommendation approved.
  • Work with line managers to deploy staff to various roles and posts in line with business needs, and in keeping with the deployment policy.


  • Model Twiga’s culture and way of working and inculcating this within the function(s) supported.
  • Drive harmonious employee relations.  Work closely with management and employees to consistently improve work relationships, build morale, diversity, communication, increase productivity and retention.
  • Provide guidance and/or coaching to line managers and employees, as appropriate, on the Code of Conduct and people management policies and processes.  Call out any divergence in a tactful yet decisive manner, and work with the individual(s)/team(s) and their respective line manager(s) to implement initiatives to address the root cause if the issue: behaviour, systems, and practices.
  • Guide line managers and employees on grievance and discipline policies and processes.  Be an independent arbitrator and work collaboratively and with discretion with all parties to address and resolve issues.
  • Champion diversity.  Co-create and implement initiatives to raise all aspects of diversity and inclusion in the function(s) supported.  Track and report on impact of initiatives and recommend course corrections as required.
  • Monitor utilization of leave and guide. line managers of implementing practices that enable employees to fully utilize their leave days. Confirm compensatory leave days are verified, awarded and utilized accordingly.
  • Facilitate staff social and welfare programs in line with approved programs and budgets.
  • Customize and implement tools to periodically monitor staff satisfaction / morale in the function(s) supported. Put in place sufficient avenues for employees and contingent workers to air their issues and receive timely feedback.  Establish processes to monitor resolutions of issues highlighted as per the agreed way forward.
  • Facilitate the employee Net Managers Score (eNMS) assessment and feedback process in the functions supported.  Ensure full participation of line managers and support the initiatives recommended as an outcome of the assessment.
  • Facilitate the separation process in the functions supported.

Learning & Growth

  • Work with line managers and employees to identify training and development needs and create learning journeys for their current and desired roles.
  • Monitor execution and impact of learning programs.  Confirm training objectives are realized and the impact is evident in the performance of the individual and in the business outcomes. 
  • Facilitate talent reviews and career trajectories for key talent.  Execute initiatives agreed and maintain a talent pipeline primed to take on new/vacated roles in the organization.
  • Co-create a succession plan for the function assigned

Performance & Reward

  • Drive a culture of high performance and productivity within the functions supported.   
  • Engage with line managers and provide guidance and/or coaching on the performance management cycle.  Ensure all employees and contingent workers have performance objectives and key results that are SMART and aligned to their job descriptions.
  • Confirm monthly one-on-one performance enablement sessions and quarterly formal performance review sessions are held between Line managers and their team members.
  • In collaboration with line managers, and the Performance and Reward team, communicate the reward structure (salary, incentives, and benefits) for the assigned function(s) and provide any clarification to individuals on their salary, incentives and/or benefits.

Labour Operations

  • Maintain domain expertise in labour operations in a farming environment.  Lead the development of operating frameworks, processes and templates that are compliant with existing regulations, adaptable different operating environments and current to emerging trends and thought leadership in this space.
  • Design and implement casual / contingent worker labour management processes and systems that avail the appropriate number, engage, determine and monitor productivity and make payments in full compliance to all policies and regulations.
  • Establish work councils, lead negotiations on collective bargaining agreements (as required), and ensure labour operations across the business are in full compliance with statutory provisions and regulatory guidelines, and in full alignment with global gap, BRCSGS, relevant ISO/FS and ESG standards.
  • Member of the OHS Committee, a certified first aider and fire marshal.

Operational Efficiency and Reporting

  • Monitor uptake and use of HR Information systems (HRIS) and confirm the systems are working efficiently and effectively and providing value to employees and line managers. 
  • Verify employee data uploaded through self-service modules with source documents and accept updates to the system data as appropriate. Provide source documents to shared services team for secondary verification and safe custody.
  • Co-create with line managers, colleagues in People Operations and across the business dashboard and reports to facilitate informed and sound decision making with regard to people
  • Use data and analytics to measure the effectiveness of the policies and tools in delivering the desired outcomes in the functions supported.  Provide feedback on the efficacy of the policies and tools and recommend improvements where efficacy in ineffectual.
  • Present comprehensive, accurate and informative people operations reports in line with appropriate cadences, with trends, insights, concerns, and recommendations clearly elaborated.
  • Prepare, present for approval and submit complete and accurate data/reports in the format and standard set by the organization / regulatory bodies.
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  • Maintain an in-depth knowledge of legal requirements related to day-to-day management of employees, to reduce legal risks and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Comply with all organization policies, procedures, and statutory guidelines.  Minimize and mitigate risks to the organization and enforce zero-tolerance to non-compliance.
  • Undertake quarterly audit/reviews of implementation and adherence to HR policies, processes, systems and procedures in function(s) supported.
  • Facilitate external audit, risk & compliance reviews of people processes and outcomes in the function(s) supported.
  • Close gaps/lapses identified as an outcome of audits; risk and/or any other compliance review; investigations; or other assessment mechanisms and take corrective/preventive actions within the agreed timelines.


  • Proactively manage own performance review and enablement sessions with line manager. Institute corrective action where performance falls below expectation.
  • Deliver the performance objectives set for the team.  Hold monthly 1-on-1 performance enablement discussions and quarterly performance reviews with the team and with own line manager, and institute corrective action where performance falls below expectation.
  • Proactively manage the teams’ and own learning and development
  • Adhere to the annual leave plan agreed with the line manager
  • Adhere to people management policies

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized accredited university in human resource management or a related field with a higher diploma in human resource management
  • Registration with, and a practicing certificate from the Institute of Human Resource management.
  • A certified first aider and fire marshal and OHS Committee member
  • Qualification/certification in labour practices, dispute resolution, and collective bargaining.  Certification in coaching and project management are highly desirable.
  • A minimum of seven (7) years of progressive generalist / HR partnering experience gained in a rapidly growing, fast paced, agile commercial, manufacturing, agribusiness, and/or food processing organization of similar scale and complexity. 
  • Is commercially aware, understands the general business conditions (e.g., social, technological, economic, political, environmental, and demographic trends) that affect the industry, the operating environment and the organization.  Appreciates the unique intricacies and value drivers for the Fresh business and can turn integrated innovative HR practices into unified solutions to enable the function delivers its strategy and objectives.
  • Has solid experience with HR practices and employee management. Is a strong strategic partner and trusted advisor. Possesses good knowledge of multiple human resources disciplines, such as talent acquisition and development, employee retention, labor relations, performance management, work and organization design, organizational effectiveness, compensation practices, diversity, communication, leadership, etc. Stays informed on latest developments in the profession.
  • Has an entrepreneurial consulting approach, able to simplify opportunities, challenges, processes, or projects into component parts, evaluate them systematically, identify causal relationships, and construct frameworks and proposals for consideration and decision making.
  • Is able to facilitate capability audits and work with line managers to embed the organization culture and co-create the processes and ways for working and capabilities required for employees to find meaning and purpose in the work, which leads to the functions/organization’s success.
  • Is digitally savvy and leverages technology to organize and deliver work more efficiently and promotes the same in others.  Experience implementing and/or working with an integrated human resource information systems in an enterprise resource planning ecosystem.  Confident in the use of data analytics as a tool to improve decision-making. Develops and presents compelling decks to augment position taken.
  • Champions and facilitates change.  Builds a case for change, engages key stakeholders, initiates and drives change programs, overcomes resistance, and creates an agile, flexible and responsive environment in which transformation can happen. 
  • Has effective engagements.  Communicates compellingly with diverse audiences: employees, management, leadership, external stakeholders, on varied subjects, requiring different approaches.  Draws from a range of strategies to persuade people in a way that results in agreement or behaviour change.
  • Has an informed point of view and is assertive enough to take a position and implement radical HR solutions when needed. Is ready and able to take the initiative, originate action and be responsible for the consequences of the decisions made.
  • Enthusiastic, decisive, pragmatic, resilient and forthright hands-on individual with a sense of urgency, and unquestionable integrity. 
  • Adapts and works effectively with a variety of situations, with individuals or groups. Is able to understand and appreciate different and opposing perspectives on an issue.  Maintains personal effectiveness by managing own emotions in the face of pressure, set backs or when dealing with provocative situations.
  • Committed to building self and the profession.  Accepts changes in organization or job requirements
  • Willing and able to travel.

Fulfilment Representative

Key Responsibilities

Customer Experience 

  • Model Twiga values – Customer first, Own It, Be Good, Keep it Simple (COGS) with each interaction with the customer 
  • Build trusting relationships with customers. Keep the customers informed of and excited about their purchases with transit status updates and real-time communication until delivery 
  • Analyze the customers’ business, the purchasing behavior, drivers, needs, and unique perspectives. Seek to understand which products they routinely stock up in their business. Cross sell the products that the customer does not stock but will match their current portfolio and upsell products that will grow the customers’ business
  • Continuously update your product knowledge, on new and existing SKUs within each category, new product launches, and daily promotions to drive assortment and achieve set targets 
  • Cultivate a digital mindset. Sell/reinforce the convenience and pros of digital migration and cashless payments e.g., commissions earned on selling airtime, access to loans and insurance, etc., on the Soko Yetu App
  • Confirm that all orders have been delivered to the right customer. Build a specific, personalized post-purchase engagement. Address the customers’ concerns regarding Twiga’s products, Soko Yetu app and the overall customer experience 
  • Note any relevant information on the customer, competitor activity or required actions that need to be communicated to the line manager

Delivery Efficiency 

  • Verify the product and assets in the distribution trucks against the delivery manifest and accept custody of the same. Report any variance and/or non-conforming product to the line manager for verification prior to proceeding to trade 
  • Conduct the tools of trade checks and confirm compliance prior to proceeding to trade. Document and report any problems with the delivery truck within agreed SLA. 
  • Decide time and cost-effective routes as per the laid-out route plan depending on the customers exact locations and alternative routes to counter dynamic route-related issues like traffic or diversions. 
  • Document, verify and report accurate mileage at the start and end of the shift.
  • Fulfil customers’ orders accurately and in a timely manner as per the delivery manifest in line with the customers expectation. Where customer expectations may not be met, for whatever reason, communicate with the customer and manage their expectations. 
  • Execute delivery of all ordered products in the assigned route 
  • Promptly record deliveries as they occur, ensuring payment is received in full and banking is done in compliance to stipulated maximum cash holding limits and maximum cash holding time period 
  • Deposit the collected payments to the respective company accounts, and account for all assigned assets  Adhere to the food and safety regulations during transit and delivery of the orders. Offload and deliver items in a safe and secure manner to prevent damage, spoilage, or loss. 
  • Initiate the refund and returns process for products declined based on quality in conformance with the SOP
  • Reconcile deliveries, cash, product, and assets assigned at the start of the shift with the days transaction data/records, and make good for any variance prior to signing off from the shift

Asset Management

  • Safeguard and maintain assigned assets in good condition as per the set standards and present damaged assets to the line manager for report. 
  • Reconcile the assets dispatched versus those received upon return to the depot and make good for any variance prior to signing off from the shift. 
  • Utilize the issued assets to perform duties as per the company guidelines and work requirements

Market Insights and Reporting 

  • Report factors affecting last-mile order delivery and present recommended solutions 
  • Understand the competitive structure of your market within the allocated territory 
  • Present comprehensive, accurate and informative reports on organization systems as provide, to enable sound and timely decision making and actions

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

  • Have a Certificate / Diploma / Post-secondary education qualification in Supply Chain Management, Business, Sales, or a related field, or equivalent practical experience. 
  • Have a valid certificate of good conduct.
  • Have at least 2 years of relevant work experience in product delivery / warehouse operations in the fresh fruits and vegetables and FMCG industry. 
  • Have strong communication skills and be adept at customer service and multitasking. 
  • Have basic computer competency to write reports and perform basic data entry. 
  • Be an active listener, adaptable, resilient, and be coachable. 
  • Possesses demonstrable experience in building rapport and trust to develop long-term relationships, leading to commercial opportunities. 
  • Possess exceptional communication and networking skills with great collaboration skills and a strong independent work ethic. 
  • Can thrive in a fast-paced, high-growth, rapidly changing environment. 
  • Physically able to work on feet all day and lift goods occasionally.

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