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Community Health Program Officer

Job Description

The CHP officer reports directly to the CHP/RH/HIV Manager, he/she will be expected to work within the integrated community health program and collaborate with the other program sectors to implement the program activities.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure appropriate monitoring, implementation, and support of the Community health program through supervision of community health promoters including Community Reproductive Health, Community based disease surveillance and hygiene promotion.
  • Liaise with appropriate sectors to ensure outbreak prevention, control and response measures targeting communicable diseases are always in place in Kakuma camp.
  • Raise awareness and improve knowledge among refugees, agency staff and host communities working with or engaging with refugees to prevent occurrence and spread of infectious diseases in Kakuma refugee camp.
  • Ensuring appropriate record keeping and monitoring service delivery and Data Quality of community-based health information, regular reporting and follow up from all community health units.
  • Ensure high program coverage of Health, Reproductive Health, and EPI indicators.
  • Train health staff and community health promoters on Standard case definitions and ensure that community surveillance systems are linked with the health facilities.
  • Liaise with appropriate staff to ensure availability of appropriate supplies for control and prevention of communicable illnesses.
  • Liaise with clinical services staff and ensure Standard Case Definitions are available in all consultation rooms.
  • Conduct active surveillance of communicable diseases. Investigate outbreaks establishing etiologies, mechanisms for diagnostic testing and the effectiveness of response measures. Ensure contact tracing is done and all suspected outbreaks are reported within 24hours.
  • Ensure proper surveillance investigations, reporting, specimen collection and transport of samples of communicable disease outbreaks.
  • Maintain appropriate knowledge and skills amongst health staff to control and prevent outbreaks.
  • In the event of an outbreak liaise with the health facilities and prepare a daily line list and send to the CHP/RH Manager.
  • In liaison with the CHP/RH Manager, periodically review disaster preparedness plans on diseases prone to outbreaks at the Kakuma Refugee Camp.
  • Ensure medical screening and immunization of children under five years is done at reception center and for new arrivals in the community.
  • In liaison with CHP/RH manager ensure vitamin A & deworming supplementation for children under five years is done twice yearly.
  • In liaison with CHP/RH Manager coordinate camp wide immunization campaigns in response to outbreaks
  • Carry out any other duties assigned as delegated by the program manager.

Key Result Areas

Specific responsibility area Kakuma Refugee Camp.

  • Ensure that all CHPs have appropriate PPEs when tackling COVID-19 related activities.
  • Coordinate and supervise the activities of all the Community Health Promoters (CHPs) and their supervisors to ensure that each is assigned to specific households and persons.
  • Attend facility meetings weekly and give guidance to the CHPs on issues raised.
  • Contribute to the maintenance of a high quality and motivated team of polyvalent Community Health Promoters (CHPs) by participating in formal and on-job training sessions, performance appraisal and feedback and ensuring that staff discipline and adherence to organizational policies is always in place.
  • Perform mentorship sessions to the CHPs allocated to you and compile a report on the same biweekly.
  • Work with community health committees to ensure that the community members actively participate in preventive and health promotion activities at the community level and support Community Health Promoters in their day-to-day activities.
  • Participate in camp wide surveys and medical campaigns.
  • Liaise with the other sectors to ensure community-based indicators are met.

Capacity Building

  • Organizing training of staff (both refugee and national) on integrated disease surveillance and response.
  • Liaise with the CHP team to develop a curriculum and an IRC training manual for CHPs.
  • Ensure a class of CHPs is trained and qualifies yearly.
  • Liaise with CHP team to perform supervision monitoring of all CHPs twice annually.

Administrative Responsibilities.

  • In liaison with CHP/RH Manager Maintain ongoing collaboration and consultation with CDC, IOM, MOH, UN agencies, NGOs, and refugee populations.
  • Prepare orders for sector activities and maintain inventories for the same.
  • Contribute to program budget management by tracking expenditures and participating in monthly budget review meetings.
  • Support the counterpart in preparation of program staff payrolls and duty rosters.
  • In liaison with CHP/RH Manager compile weekly and monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.


  • Degree Public health, Environmental Health, or its equivalent.
  • Registered with the relevant body.
  • At least 3 years of relevant work experience in Community health and Development   Public Health field.
  • Strong communication skills; oral, written and presentation skills.
  • Team player.
  • Ready to work in difficult environmental conditions.
  • Must be flexible and culturally sensitive.
  • Experience of working in a resource poor setting and/or camp environment is an added advantage.


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