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Officer, Reconciliations

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Execution

  • Accounts to be in current status at all times.
  • Quality of documentation/information.
  • Adhere to the SLAs with various business units.
  • Reconciliations completed and followed up on within set turnaround times
  • Ensure Internal processes and procedures are adhered to at all times with gaps identified reported for remediation.
  • Error tracking – generate transaction defect log and propose remedial measures where practical.
  • Keep abreast of best practices (locally and internationally) and make appropriate recommendations within the reconciliation team.

Query and Complaints Management

  • Effectively manage client/stakeholder queries and complaints ensuring adherence to set service levels.

Operational performance

  • Confirming ModelBankT24 (MBT24) ledger and General Ledger entries are updated in Intellimatch where applicable.
  • Daily reconciliation of Suspense, internal and other accounts.
  • Preparing and broadcasting list/reports of outstanding items of the accounts reconciled.
  • Query old, strange outstanding entries in accounts reconciled and escalate as per matrix
  • Balance confirmation for accounts and advising business and management of the same.
  • Custody of allocated account reconciliations and reports.
  • Initiate queries relating to outstanding items and follow-up to resolution.
  • Check and investigate entries that have defaulted into system suspense accounts.
  • Sensitize stakeholders on relevant account reconciliations processes and Intellimatch.
  • Participate in testing and validation for projects assigned
  • Provide oversight of accounts allocated
  • Ensure unknown funds in suspense accounts are queried.
  • Update unit management on quality of reconciliation and issues meriting their attention.
  • Avail information required for internal and external audit as may be requested.
  • Ensure conformity to the set standards and procedures in the department and the bank as a whole.

Optimise the risk profile in the business unit

  • Ensure compliance with approved limits and levels of authority.
  • Ensure Satisfactory audit ratings and closure of action plans within our span of control arising from risk assessments, operational risk reviews, internal and external audits and regulatory inspections to improve the control environment relating to assigned area.

Compliance adherence

  • Ensure that financial standards are adhered to.
  • Ensure implementation and adoption within assigned portfolio of all Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions related requirements contained in policies, procedures and processes. This includes monitoring and identifying any material compliance related breaches and escalating them to line management and the Compliance Office.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Finance – review monthly reconciliation submissions and facilitate opening and closure of suspense accounts
  • Control teams – assist in resolution of long outstanding items in affected Suspense accounts
  • Information Technology – provision of reconciliation information and resolution of IT related queries
  • TPS – liaison between Reconciliations on product recon support Other units – provide support in the resolution of reconciliations done and or reported by Reconciliations unit


Type of qualification: First Degree

  • Field of Study:  Finance or Accounting
  • Finance or Accounting related qualifications an advantage.
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  • 3-4 Years with Operations – processing
  • Ability to relate data to products and understand the associated entries expected for service or product fulfilment. This competency is about interpreting data accurately with an emphasis on the processing and interpretation of numbers. This competency also includes the utilization of technology. 

Officer, Internal Financial Controls

Key Responsibilities

Maintain a strong control environment

  • Assess the effectiveness of financial controls throughout the group and advise/escalate where there is misalignment by ensuring adherence to policies and controls and reviewing and testing the internal financial controls processes by performing sample tests on some IFC controls to check if they are operating as per framework
  • Own the design, implementation, documentation, assessment, and monitoring of internal control framework, including group policies and key risks in order to ensure that the group has adequate controls to prevent unintentional and intentional errors in financial reporting, processes and business operations.
  • Deliver adequate and timely reporting on the internal control framework and control deficiencies to ensure appropriate communication, documentation, escalation to business partners, senior leadership, and relevant governance body
  •  Deliver adequate and timely action plans and monitor progress to address and resolve control deficiencies
  • Work collaboratively with business and process owners to implement and monitor remediation efforts that result from internal control assessments, ensuring the effective implementation of corrective action.
  • Actively seek standardization and automation, apply, and implement best practices for managing internal controls and deploy innovative technology where possible to enhance and continuously improve the design and operating effectiveness of the controls, documentation, assessment, and review procedures
  • Formulate policies and procedures to improve internal controls, compliance, and efficiency

Support financial management 

  • Accountable for transactional financial data and information integrity through gathering, analysing, interpreting, and reporting of financial information.
  • Review transactional financial data and information integrity to ensure they accurately reflect the operating results of the business. 
  • Analyse and interpret data in order to provide financial management information to business stakeholders for decision making. 
  • Prepare and process accounting journals and verify that supporting documentation to journals is available. 
  • Analyse and motivate for approval expenditure and in line with supporting documentation. Identify deviations from policy and escalate to finance manager.

Monitor risk and ensure compliance

  • Enforce the group guidelines and policies around financial management and financial control.
  • Ensure that all risk issues are managed properly, and incidents are reported timeously with all relevant stakeholders.
  • Partner and comply with relevant risk and compliance regulatory frameworks for all finance activities.
  • Ensure reputation and business risk is managed.
  • Ensure that mandatory compliance training in finance is driven effectively.
  • Drive balance sheet substantiation of all balance sheet accounts.
  • Provide technical accounting support for finance and business units
  • Spearhead preparation of the annual financial statements
  • Provide leadership financial audits in the group

Be a trusted advisor to the business

  • Support the business finance teams in creating a finance partnership.
  • Obtain an understanding of the business environment and processes which are being supported in order to add value and allow for appropriate decision making to occur.
  • Provide assistance in the gathering of financial and non-financial information to support the relevant finance line manager.

Direct, monitor, manage and support the team in delivering on agreed performance and strategic goals

  • Manage stakeholder expectations proactively and appropriately
  • Participate in departmental goal.
  • Proactively drive own development plans.
  • Monitor and support the team in delivering agreed performance goals through collaboration. 


Minimum Qualifications
Type of Qualification: First Degree
Field of Study: Finance and Accounting

Other qualifications – Recognized professional certification (CPA (K)/ACCA/CIFA).

Experience Required
Financial/Statutory Accounting
Finance & Value Management
3-4 years
Financial or Management Accounting experience.

Preferred Experience: Working knowledge of SAP, NBOL, COUPA, T-24, Power BI
                                      Extensive knowledge in IFRS
1-2 years
Provide finance support within the function across different countries and BU’s by partnering with relevant finance stakeholders.

Head, Business & Commercial Banking – Credit

Key Responsibilities

Development and implementation of BCB credit risk strategy and framework

  • Develops and drives the BCB credit risk management framework which includes the risk management strategy, structure, processes, culture and technological infrastructure and translate strategic intent and vision into medium term objectives.
  • Contributes to the development and improvement of the bank wide credit risk management strategy and framework by providing key insights on the factors that influence the risk profile. Act as a signatory on the final framework relating to BCB credit.
  • Provides direction to the BCB credit team and sub-business lines in order to achieve the credit risk management strategy.
  • Ensures effective execution of the BCB credit risk strategy and framework, aligned to then BCB business specific requirements and direction from BCB RoA centre, in line with the risk appetite statement and group policy.
  • Critically evaluates the existing framework on an ongoing basis for relevance in line with emerging country risks and threats.
  • Owns and drives the process of embedding the BCB credit risk frameworks throughout the business area by regularly engaging with all levels of leadership and management to help them understand the benefits of looking at their worlds through a credit risk management lens.
  • Continuously evaluates the external environment and assesses the impact on the area’s activities. Where required, discuss any changes which will result in an overall strategic impact with the Head of BCB and sub-business unit Heads and, thereafter make the agreed amendments to plans.
  • Delivers a professional advice on risk pricing, risk management matters, including where appropriate the timely involvement of external specialists.
  • Delivers high standards of credit quality for high-risk cases through the application of best practices to credit proposals.
  • Challenges pricing in order to maximise value, and ensure a commercial balance between risk and Reward.
  • Applies impairment policy, where appropriate, to ensure Impairments are raised or released in a timely and appropriate fashion. Ensure accurate and timely forecasting of impairments.


  • Approved BCB credit strategy and successful execution thereof
  • Adherence to applicable policies
  • Stakeholder feedback

Overall accountability for evaluation and approval of credit applications

  • Develops an efficient credit evaluation process which will allow teamwork between business and credit.
  • Coaches credit Evaluation Managers on all aspects of origination and ensures that the broader team communication is open and on-going.
  • Assesses applications and issues sanction letters, clearly stating the conditions and requirements of the lending (where above the delegated authorities of Evaluation Managers and identified high risk industries.
  • Ensures approvals made by credit Evaluation Managers are within their delegated authority.
  • Ensures that credit Evaluation Heads adhere to agreed TAT targets.


  • Good quality asset book.
  • Asset growth.
  • Reduction in credit losses for BCB.
  • Pre-Impaired and Impaired portfolio within agreed budget.

Management of credit risk in line with risk management framework

  • Ensures that the Bank’s need to provide adequate controls over the risks encountered in the post- Credit granting stage of the credit process are satisfied by ensuring the appropriateness, consistency, validity and enforceability of all collateral confirming that all collateral and legal documentation in respect of banking facilities and advances granted have been obtained are in legal order and properly housed.
  • Implements credit procedures by maintaining a tight control over all aspects of advance administration to contain credit risk within acceptable parameters and ensuring that all risk and statutory returns and reports are produced in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Ensures all identified credit control events and defaults are managed, in order to reduce the roll rate of non-performing loans into lock up portfolio by providing a prompt and orderly turnaround environment in which controls can be exercised to ensure that the Bank is not faced with avoidable losses.
  • Ensures that timely and quality credit delivery and decisions are made within agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) within the entire credit chain.
  • Actively monitors appropriate metrics across the credit life-cycle to ensure that the origination, evaluation, credit risk monitoring and rehabilitation and recoveries functions meet the highest standards in accordance with laid down policies and procedures and to guide and coach the respective teams on the best credit practices.


  • Minimised losses within budget.
  • Decisions taken within agreed SLAs with business.
  • Effective second line of defence as confirmed by credit risk Reviews.
  • Internal stakeholders’ customer satisfaction survey rating.

Optimise the business unit’s risk profile and risk appetite

  • Sets and monitors the new business strategy within the agreed business unit’s growth and risk appetite objectives.
  • Oversees the development of origination policies and the execution thereof.
  • Develops and oversees the implementation of collections and recoveries strategies.
  • Manages and reviews existing account management strategies.
  • Drives in-depth analysis of customer value tests, campaign analysis, response propensity models, collections and bad debt performance etc.
  • Detects and evaluates shifts or changes in key risk parameters and evaluates the implications of such changes on continued banking relationships.
  • Reviews and sets appropriate BCB risk Appetite metrics with Business.
  • Monitors and assesses portfolio performance metrics against risk Assessment triggers.
  • Reviews and assesses credit criteria against portfolio performance.
  • Delivers robust, transparent and predictable credit losses within an agreed total cost (‘budget’) and ‘cost of credit’ framework.
  • Devises and implements a range of champion / challenger strategies to continually test and learn to reach the optimum set of tactics to generate value.
  • Provides input into risk-based pricing and ensures that profit and ROE include appropriate credit risk and cost inputs.
  • Devises and implements a range of champion / challenger strategies to continually test and learn to reach the optimum set of tactics to generate value.


  • Risk appetite document in place.
  • Clear evidence of ongoing monitoring of risk Appetite.
  • Clear remedial action taken to address breaches.

Governance, risk and compliance management within the clearly defined requirements.

  • Interprets the BCB ROA strategy and derives/builds the in-country framework.
  • Ensures compliance with country adopted standards, policies, mandates and procedures governing activities within the credit space.
  • Actively chairs and participates in credit risk Management Committee meetings and watch list committee meetings and provides meaningful input into risk appetite discussions, portfolio management and collections strategies as well as detecting and evaluating shifts or changes in key risk parameters and the effects of such changes on portfolios and relationships.
  • Attends the Country BCB Leadership council (always) and the Country Main Leadership council (sometimes) in order to represent BCB credit on all credit matters.


  • Satisfactory ratings from all internal and external audit and similar functions
  • Satisfactory capabilities assessment and review from Head Office (CART reviews)
  • Policies and procedures are adhered to.

Leadership of teams and people management

  • Addresses relative performance issues by initiating and overseeing performance management process of credit Unit heads and their direct reports.
  • Identifies training needs and sourcing training resources to address those needs.
  • Inspiring, motivates leads and manages the team.
  • Recruits, develops and retains relevant skills in order to meet the business needs.
  • Ensures skills assessments and competency-based training takes place as and when required.
  • Builds organisational capabilities through evaluating likely future requirements and ensuring that individuals are provided with the best possible development opportunities in line with these.
  • Creates an environment in which learning, and development are emphasised and valued.
  • Effectively delegates authority and responsibility, in line with business objectives, to ensure the empowerment, motivation and effectiveness of all direct and indirect reports.
  • Encourages team members to express their views, resolves issues raised by the team, escalates issues if required, and provides feedback to teams on an on-going basis.
  • Develops and maintains an open communication channel with direct reports and supports staff to foster greater co-operation and teamwork.
  • Implements Talent Review Sessions and succession planning, in conjunction with Human Capital business partners.
  • Ensures staff are appropriately and consistently rewarded and recognised for their achievements and outputs.


  • Staff engagement survey
  • Formal training programmes in place which addresses skills shortages and EPM PDP requirements
  • Succession plan in place for all key roles.

Management and reporting of the BCB credit portfolio

  • Accountable for determining the tasks, selecting the resources needed for the successful implementation of business (Credit) related projects.
  • Ensures that all project personnel receive an appropriate orientation on the project.
  • Monitors the progress of the project and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the successful completion of the project.
  • Ensures that the project deliverables are on time, within budget and at the required level of quality.
  • Derives the full cost of credit for the BCB credit function and puts in place cost containment measures.
  • Ensures that all internal and external reporting is completed accurately, on time and that appropriate value adding insights into the portfolio are provided so that both internal and external users of information have a deep and appropriate insight into the quality of the portfolio and the appropriateness of the processes.
  • Produces reports on the portfolio performance on a regular basis as per business requirements. Ensure reports are on the level suitable to the audience.
  • Identifies and analyses portfolio risks proactively; and forecasts the credit loss provision and engage with business accordingly.
  • Manages the internal and external audit interactions.


  • Implementation of credit projects within set timelines to achieve defined business outcomes.
  • Cost of credit target not exceeded.
  • Accurate and Timeous reporting at all times.

Stakeholder engagement and efficient cost management

  • Manages costs within agreed budgets for the BCB credit Department.
  • Build and maintain credible relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including management, internal and external audit, non-executives, regulator as well as peers in local and international banks.
  • Manage relationships in a complex matrix structure, across a multi-disciplinary environment with cross functional stakeholders at all levels of the origination.


  • Capex and Opex budgets not to be exceeded.
  • Favourable stakeholder feedback within agreed benchmarks.



First Degree Qualification: BCom, Business Finance, Engineering, Risk Management, Business Administration.

Post graduate qualification Mathematics, Business Finance, Financial Accounting, Accounting, Financial Management Science, and Mathematics.

Other Qualifications 

Professional Qualification CA, CFA, CIMA, ACCSI, Honour’s Degree in Business Finance,

Accounting, Business related program


10 years’ experience, including 2-5 years as a credit operations or portfolio manager in high-volume Retail Credit. Prior experience with credit workflow management tools and automated decisioning technology essential.

An in-depth experience in BCB credit risk Management and Originating deals and building and maintaining internal stakeholder relationships with the aim of driving Business Strategy.


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