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Guest Relations Officer

Duties and Responsibilities 

Guests relations and coordination 8

  • Promote strategic and cordial communication and relationships with approved visitors in relation to itinerary, travel requirements, bookings
  • Ensure there is an approved protocol for visitor management and is communicated across all relevant departments.
  • Handle issues regarding issuance of Visa invitation letters to all international visitors in collaboration with government protocol department
  • Coordinate implementation of visitor management protocol from -pre-arrival information, briefing to visit conclusion
  • Coordinate with hosting departments to ensure harmonized communication to ensure successful visits.
  • Coordinate with security department and child safeguarding for briefings, support and adherence to the same
  • Develop itineraries, task schedules and master calendar for all key activities to be carried out by WV Kenya visitors.
  • Ensure timely, courteous and accurate response to enquiries from guests.
  • Plan, manage and coordinate logistical needs for all approved visitors in conjunction with administration and WV Kenya hosts.
  • Ensure timely airport pick up and accommodation for approved guests as per schedule.
  • Compile and update welcome information package for guests annually.
  • Ensure feedback by guests are received, filed and used to improve guest relations experience and support.
  • Ensure all guests comply with WV Kenya guest relation’s guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • Ensure all WV guests sign an acknowledgement that they know, understand and will follow World Vision Kenya’s Safeguarding Policy and keep signed agreements on file.
  • Coordinate with administration for visitor vehicle facilitation and where necessary facilitate the visitors directly

Reporting and visit Experience Improvement 15%

  • Ensure that feedback from guests is received, filed and used to improve guest relation’s support.
  • Compile monthly reports of anticipated and actual approved visits, and share with SLT for planning purposes
  • Facilitate and file duly signed protocol documents (eg. Child and Adult Safeguarding protocols, Security Acknowledgment, Evidence of Informed Consent for photos and videos and Trip Evaluation/Satisfaction forms).
  • Work closely with Liaison Officers to ensure effective and efficient maintenance and use of vehicles as per WVK motor vehicle policy
  • Ensure timely submission of approved vehicle report and consolidate monthly fuel receipts to Fleet Manager

Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Hospitality, Tourism, Communications, Social Sciences, Community Development or related field from an accredited institution.
  • At least 3 years of experience with non-government organization or busy guest relations/ hospitality office preferred.
  • Excellent communication and public relations skills
  • Demonstrate awareness of Occupational Health & Safety policies and procedures including Basic First Aid training
  • Valid and clean driving license with class B, C and E.
  • Three years’ experience in driving class B, C and E vehicles (Manual Transmission is a MUST)
  • Ability to work effectively with guests and colleagues from different viewpoints, cultures and countries
  • Must possess professionalism with impeccable grooming and presentation
  • Excellent organizational skills with a high level of responsibility and commitment
  • Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • Willing to work flexible schedule with changing shifts including Weekends and Holidays
  • Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.
  • Demonstrate awareness of Occupational Health & Safety policies and procedures including Basic First Aid training.


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