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Demand and Supply Planning Manager

Job Purpose/Mission  

The Demand and Supply Planning Manager is the link between the demand and supply side of the business. The incumbent is responsible for demand management and aggregating such for ordering of products and materials from suppliers to delivery in sales countries. As part of the S&OP team, the D&S Manager plays a critical role to drive the process, implement tactical elements of the S&OP, and enables countries to meet both their revenue and profitability targets by optimizing inventory ordering and stock holding. 

You are a planner, and an achiever, driven by both short term and long-term delivery of key process milestones within stringent timelines. 


  • Custodianship over the sales and operations planning process and tools to deliver acceptable inventory orders per country based on sales forecasts; plan, aggregate, run approval process for orders, disseminate order information. 
  • Demand planning including review sales historical and forecasts with local teams, review technical center spares/swap consumption vs Quality failure rate to optimize inventory turnover), integrate New Product Introductions (NPI) into demand planning, review B2B Sales integrate into demand plan – conduct scenario-based analyses to evaluate launch options and develop contingency plans for new products, including Phase-In/Out of products. 
  • Build product volume forecasts based on historical demand information (or statistical model) & Marketing intelligence (future commercial insights) & product mix forecasts based on historical mix information performances. 
  • Supports Regional Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process with marketing/sales and commercial finance to align market and financial requirements with manufacturing/Supply capabilities. 
  • Manage the weekly MPS (Material Planning System) updates and process to control end-to-end supply chain view. 
  • Create and track replenishment orders and shipments for continuous supply of stock to countries to ensure availability; mitigate on key service levels risks and countermeasure on backorders.  
  • Load, maintain and ensure integrity of item-level product forecasts in E2E Planning System 
  • Responsible for translation of Demand Plan into USD value spend Plan in partnership with Finance based on latest supplied COGS information; identifies gaps between latest financial plan and demand plan defining and driving actions to understand/reconcile key differences. 
  • Support key metrics: customer service, inventory metrics (gross/net dollars, WOC), and Slow Moving/Obsolete (SLOB) inventory, Back Order Value ($) & on time adherence to S&OP cycle – all in partnership with supply chain partners, and markets. 
  • Create and maintain a centralized shipment tracking records and status for all countries; issue regular information to country operations on upcoming shipments, trigger dates for pre-assessment and verification, and destination port arrivals to avoid port storage and demurrage costs. Track estimated date of arrival at Country warehouse. 
  • Ensure strong alignment with global/regional/country partners on key S&OP touchpoints including demand validation and sign-off processes – hold pre-S&OP meeting with each country to deliver cyclical demand plans – coordinate order approval meeting with top management stakeholders. 
  • Lead and participate in projects that directly affect the planning and ordering function including inventory management projects, reducing inventory shrinkage, increasing turnover, improving inventory management data accuracy. 
  • Create and implement metrics to measure on time ordering of materials both for sales and warranty fulfilment by the countries, and order fulfillment by the Upstream supply chain; reconcile actuals vs. plan. 
  • Create awareness and training for countries on improvements / evolutions in the ordering process. 

At EEA, we have high expectations for our managers. Each manager plays a key role in creating an exceptional experience not only for our customers but for every person on our team. Our managers help EEA realize our ambitious goals while developing their own leadership skills and facilitating growth for their direct reports.  

We believe that great managers: 

  • Deliver ambitious results: As a high-performing and accountable leader, you create an enabling environment for effective action and bold decisions which contribute to successful delivery of results. 
  • Act with integrity: As an ethical leader you are honest, respectful, objective, and transparent. You create and build upon a foundation of trust and openness. 
  • Inspire and mentor the team: As an inspirational leader you walk the talk. You empower and coach your team with trust and humility. 
  • Are accessible: as an accessible leader, you develop and maintain deep connections with stakeholders through approachability and active listening. 
  • Ensure diversity and inclusion: as an inclusive leader, you ensure diversity and foster a sense of belonging.

Knowledge and skills  


  • Minimum 5 years of experience in supply chain/operations management, demand management/planning. 
  • Skills in data analytics, forecasting, production planning, inventory management  
  • Technical knowledge of formulating policies, processes and procedures suiting multiple operations to increase efficiency of the planning function. 
  • Ability to work with cross-cultural teams and bring together diverse teams – cut through barriers to achieve compliance. 
  • Ability to direct supply chain team’s efforts in identifying critically overstocked inventory with short shelf-life and propose solutions. 


  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in operations and supply chain management or other closely related fields such as industrial management/engineering. 
  • A master’s degree in business management or financial management is an added advantage. 
  • Certifications in supply chain planning such as CSCP, CPIM, CLTD, CIPS, or other relevant supply chain management association certifications. 
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  • English 
  • French is a plus (for West Africa) 

Sales and Operations Specialist

Job Purpose/Mission  

In an impact driven organization like Engie Energy Access, this role requires a highly analytical and detail-oriented Sales Expert to join our team. The Sales & operations Specialist will handle analyzing sales forecasts, collaborating with Cross Functional Teams to support managing the Sales Projections, Financial Reporting and Ordering processes, and monitoring budget achievement and/or shortfalls by Stock Kitting Unit (SKU). The ideal candidate will have strong analytical skills, a deep understanding of sales forecasting techniques, and the ability to provide valuable insights to drive business growth. 

Key Areas of Responsibility:  

  • Improving long term Sales Forecasting Accuracy by Country 
  • Proactively track and report changes in Sales Forecasts above the 15%  
  • Own the implementation of the blended Sales Forecasting for Inventory Ordering  
  • Diligently record ALL Commercial activities aimed at or result in a deviation from baseline in volume and revenue. 
  • Working with Insights, Data and Product Management through the Product Development Process to: 
  • Predict product trends from launch, on & off season through to end-of-life. 
  • Develop Country level Forecasts from Pilot stage, Commercial launch and across the whole product life cycle.

Main Activities  

  • Utilize historical data, market trends, and customer insights to develop accurate sales forecasts. 
  • Monitor sales performance against forecasts and identify any significant variances at both country level and Global aggregated level 
  • Bi-weekly review and adjust forecasts based on market changes, promotional activities, and other factors affecting sales. 
  • Such as but not limited to, country teams, Commercial stakeholders, Finances teams and/or Operations Teams, by carrying out the following  
  • to support managing the respective process e.g., ordering, budgeting, target setting, reporting etc. 
  • Provide input on order quantities and timing to ensure optimal inventory levels given sales trends or shortfalls on budget that need to be complimented with an added operational lever to drive the required number. 
  • Ensure to coordinate cross-functional teams to have synergies in their process execution. 
  • Identify SKUs at risk of becoming slow-moving stock or exceeding target days of stock. 
  • Analyze sales trends, inventory levels, and market demand to flag potential risks. 
  • Collaborate with commercial heads to develop proper sales promotions and strategies to mitigate slow-moving stock risks. 
  • Track and monitor budget performance by SKU, analyzing actual sales against targets. 
  • Identify any budget shortfalls and investigate the underlying causes. 
  • Collaborate with the finance team to develop mitigation plans and recommend corrective actions to achieve budget objectives. 
  • Collaborate with the Data Analytics team/ in house resources to prepare regular reports and dashboards to communicate sales forecasts, performance, and key insights. 
  • Provide analysis and recommendations to stakeholders, including commercial heads, sales teams, and senior management. 
  • Identify trends, opportunities, and potential risks to support data-driven decision making. 

Relevant Experience & Attributes  

  • Proven experience in demand planning in FMCG or Beverage industry 
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to interpret complex data sets and identify trends/patterns. 
  • Proficiency in data analysis tools such as Excel, SQL, or other relevant software. 
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to present insights to diverse audiences with relevant visual aids/platforms to be presented to all levels of executives in the business 
  • Detail-oriented with strong organizational and time management skills. 
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. 
  • Knowledge of sales forecasting methodologies and techniques. 
  • Familiarity with inventory management principles and supply chain processes is a plus. 
  • Experience with budgeting and financial analysis is desirable. 
  • Strong personal and people Leadership in EEA value system 
  • Collaborative and aligned with the EEA One Team Value  
  • Mission driven and inspired by impact in deprived communities.   


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, or a related field. 


  • English 
  • French and/or Portuguese is an added advantage 

Operations Analyst


  • Create dashboards to monitor the health of operations for the supply chain in EEA (including the 9 markets) by implementing a scorecard model that provides for regular updates through integration of scattered and siloed data sets from various existing platforms into a focal point for data-based decision making. 
  • Implement end-to-end personalized visibility for critical inventory data to ensure interconnectedness of supply chain data for key business metrics and events across the supply chain. 
  • Capture and provide (close to) real-time data from across the EEA supply chain ecosystem to provide enhanced visibility in a Control Tower for inventory including stock in shops & warehouses, Goods-in-transit (GiT), supply-side stock on hold, open PO in suppliers, liable material in suppliers – examine data closely to figure out root causes and propose solutions and focus areas for continuous improvement in operations. 
  • Provide custodianship for all data needs within supply chain and Africa Operations by identifying & prioritizing key business objectives, detecting, developing, and implementing response strategies through data, including the full implementation of periodic reporting cycles of such key metrics (including Finance – Operations metrics). 
  • Work closely with business data partners in the data warehouse, and other departmental / country-based data analysts to strengthen data insights for supply chain operations and increase cohesiveness in the general data management community. 
  • Implement an automated data-driven management strategy and culture that reduces dependency on people to provide information for key metrics that facilitate operations decision making. 
  • Work closely with country operations heads to Identify critical policies in supply chain to support full implementation through data analytics and maintenance of data integrity. 
  • Identify operational issues that require further research using data to ensure appropriate measures are implemented to close those identified gaps – conduct research on identified operational constraints and develop various problem-solving modeling strategies to solve the identified gaps. 
  • Suggest key improvements in EEAs supply chain operations to ensure in-full implementation of recommendations while working closely with internal stakeholders to further manage supply chain shocks and variabilities through data insights. 
  • Provide ad hoc training and support to key stakeholders on critical data management skills to facilitate upskilling within the operations team especially country data teams. 
  • Support key projects in operations and supply chain with all data needs including inventory management, warranty, supply chain optimization among others. 

Knowledge and skills: 


  • Minimum 5 years of experience in statistics, data science, data management, operations research, and related data analytics roles. 
  • Strong immersion into operations / supply chain activities of a business with proven interaction and experience of such data fields is a considerable advantage. 
  • Ability to utilize big data to develop and maintain critical business dashboards to facilitate key decision-making using data. 
  • Ability to work with multiple data sources and tools for data storage to ensure synthesized data is sensible. 
  • Technical knowledge of operations / supply chain processes needed to extract critical KPIs and metrics for measurement. 
  • Project management experience is important to manage short-term and long-term data needs to support critical research projects and programs within operations. 
  • Able to travel on need basis to support countries to implement necessary data integrity strategies to facilitate regular monitoring of core operations KPIs. 


  • A bachelor’s degree statistics, operations research, data science or data analysis or related field. 
  • Professional certifications in data science and analysis such as SAS, data camp, MATLAB, data cleaning is important. 
  • Project Management certifications and skills are an important advantage. 
  • Ability to leverage math and analytical thinking especially with big data to identify gaps / problems and propose solutions. 
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills to facilitate frequent interaction and collaboration with colleagues to understand findings and execute solutions. 


  • English is needed. 
  • French is an added advantage (for West Africa) 

Global Marketing Manager

Job Purpose/Mission 

  • The Marketing Manager is a key part of the Global Sales & Marketing team responsible for the development and execution of strategic & tactical sales and marketing initiatives for the EEA organization across Africa.  This role will be responsible for contributing to the development and overseeing the execution of strategic & tactical marketing activities to bring life changing products to millions of customers and overall commercial success for the business.
  • The preferred candidate will have robust experience with sales-driven marketing and trade visibility initiatives in Africa.

Key Responsibilites & Activites

  • Be a thought partner to and support country teams in the development of impactful marketing strategies, plans and campaigns to support the sales, customer finance, CX and product functions in meeting the country’s business goals and objectives.
  • Own the implementation of set initiatives across all markets including campaign launch across various channels.
  • Create and cascade frameworks & tools for execution of sales and promotional campaigns, trade marketing across the EEA markets
  • Coordinate regular trainings and provide general support to country marketing teams in identified areas of improvement. Also, collaborate with and provide support to other global departments such as product, customer experience, customer finance.
  • Own the development of GTM for global lead product launches and cascade to Country teams for implementation.
  • Own the animation of Sales Teams through creative and profitable trade promos that result into increase in volume or revenue.
  • Own the design and implementation of group wide Marketing campaigns in line with business priorities and seasonality.
  • Create benchmarks, best practices and tools for country marketing teams to plan, implement and monitor the performance of their activities, such as: marketing campaign plans, customer segmentation analysis, ROI metrics & measurement, budgeting and reporting processes.
  • Supervise the Global Graphic Designer in line with the EEA performance management framework.
  • At global and Country level develop the Marketing budget and support Country teams in setting budgets aligned with marketing strategy/mix ambition.

We believe that great managers:

  • Deliver ambitious results: As a high-performing and accountable leader, you create an enabling environment for effective action and bold decision which contribute to successful delivery of results.
  • Act with integrity: As an ethical leader you are honest, respectful, objective, and transparent. You create and build upon a foundation of trust and openness.
  • Inspire and mentor the team: As an inspirational leader you walk the talk. You empower and coach your team with trust and humility.
  • Are accessible: as an accessible leader, you develop and maintain deep connections with stakeholders through approachability and active listening.
  • Ensure diversity and inclusion: as an inclusive leader, you ensure diversity and foster a sense of belonging.


  • At least 6 – 8 years’ experience in marketing with FMCG, Telco or Solar Industry experience in Africa. 
  • Experience with building and managing marketing teams across different geographies and cultures.
  • Ability to utilize data to measure activity and extract key insights to iterate and refine initiatives
  • Ability to identify target audiences, develop strategy and employ tactics that engage, inform and motivate them
  • Highly innovative and collaborative, with excellent interpersonal and influencing skills
  • Ability to collaborate with teams across a variety of locations and cultures
  • Excellent project management skills paired with great attention to detail
  • Exceptional verbal, written, and visual communications skills
  • Self-starter and ability to work independently


  • Bachelors degree in Business or relevant fields.


  • English
  • French or Portuguese is a plus

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